July 4th Outfit Ideas

It’s 4th of July and our minds turn to stars and stripes.  If your family is like mine, we are preparing for the neighborhood cookout, fireworks, and a few days of relaxing by the pool and beach. Of course, all of these events on our calendar require the perfect American-themed July 4th outfits! Save your money for the corn on the cob and fireworks… check out your local Goodwill Store for the perfect 4th of July outfit.

Maybe dressing like a walking American Flag isn’t your personal style. And really, how many American Flag t-shirts can one person have before it’s time to stop the madness and donate all of them to Goodwill!

Embrace your patriotism while forgoing head to toe stars and stripes with these July 4th outfit ideas: 


for the Neighborhood Party

Who ever said you need to wear red, white and blue?  And, who ever said that on the 4th of July, your BBQ outfit  needs to include the American flag?  Answer: no one. While shopping at Goodwill for this look, start by perusing the racks for something in white that catches your eye.  Look for details like tassels, eyelet or lace. Use that key piece to build the rest of your outfit. 

All white is a hot trend this summer, embrace it!  You may want to add a pop of red on your foot or with your handbag.


to work!

Nothing says Americana more than adding a little plaid to your 4th of July work attire.  This notion can keep your outfits perfect for work while adding a little sass to celebrate the holiday. Think outside the box when you shop for this look at Goodwill. The plaid just needs to have red or blue with white. To punctuate the 4th of July vibe, use the contrast color in your accessories.  For example, a blue plaid dress with red belt and shoes. Or, red plaid top with blue necklace. 


for your beach and pool gatherings

Stripes are always a fresh summer look.  Remember, a little stripe goes a long way, so keep the striped piece the focus of your outfit. If your style personality is bold, maybe mix the stripes with some stars! 


for fireworks

Gone are the days when wearing all denim is a faux pas.  An easy go-to 4th of July outfit is your favorite boyfriend jeans paired with a tied-up denim shirt.  Denim dresses and overalls are perfect for summer nights. 

We’d love to see your Goodwill 4th of July outfits!  Comment below or submit to [email protected] 

Five fashion trends this season you need in your wardrobe!


There are 5 fashion trends this season you need in your wardrobe.

We waited for Spring to be sprung and waited and waited. All of the sudden, summer is here.  The calendar begs the question what summer clothing is still in your closet from last year? What should you wear again this year? What is a budget-friendly way to add some of the current season fashion trends into your wardrobe?

All great questions.

There are some trends this season that I don’t think are worth investing in. However, there are several from last summer that have stayed for this year. Current summer pieces all have a vintage vibe, making them fun things to hunt for at your local Goodwill store.

5 things you need in your wardrobe this summer

  1. California Dreaming in tie-dye
  2. Strappy low heel sandal
  3. Sensible shorts (walking shorts)
  4. Low-key easy utility pants
  5. Bucket hats

In order to help you look your most fabulous best this summer, I’ve put together some thoughts and ideas for you to bring these trends into your wardrobe world.

1. Tie-Dye

Tie dye is all the rage this season. Because it feels so summer-specific, be sure to get in on the trend now. Typically, tie-dye is a casual print. However, this summer favorite can work in the boardroom too. Here are some ideas on how to bring a little California Dreaming into your wardrobe:

At Work – tie-dye top with your basic suiting pieces. Be sure to tuck in your tie-dye t-shirt and don’t forget layering on the jewelry pieces. Finish the look with a bright sandal.

On the Weekends – re-purpose a Goodwill find into your favorite tie-dye colors for a night out. Be unconventional and try your hand at tie-dyeing a skirt. Parents Magazine has an easy guide to tie-dying.

2. Strappy Low Heel Sandal

The strappy low heel is perfect for everyone…even those who say, “I can’t wear heels”. In fact, this style of sandal will lengthen your legs and add instant sophistication to your summer wardrobe. This shoe trend is one to embrace. I know it will be around for a while. Here are some ways to wear the trend:

At Work – ankle jeans, lacy blouse, and strappy low heel = perfect casual Friday sophistication

On the Weekends – try with your tie-dye t-shirt and cut off jean shorts. Be sure to do a French tuck on the t-shirt.

3. Sensible Shorts

If you want longer shorts, this is your time to shop. This style of short, also known as walking shorts, are great for embracing a more updated feel to suiting trends. These shorts also look great with the season’s crop top looks.

At Work – if it is appropriate in your work environment, pair a walking short with a blazer jacket and silk blouse

On the Weekends – pair with your favorite graphic tee and strappy sandal, add a bucket hat for a fun festival look

4. Utility Clothing

With roots in street-style, the utility feel of many of this season’s clothing harkens back to the edgy notion of the ’80s. Utility pieces are the season’s of-the-moment trend. Although this trend might seem intimidating and hard to style, it doesn’t have to be. Keep the utility feel of your outfit low-key as opposed to head to toe. Contrast those rough pieces with opposing fabrics and styles. Here are some ideas:

At Work – utility pants with your low heel strappy sandal and a silk blouse

On the Weekends – the loose structure of utility pieces are perfect to pair with a crop or tube top

5.  Bucket Hats

I thought the overall hat trend was a fleeting one, but that isn’t the case. Particularly this season try a bucket hat. You won’t be sorry.

At Work – maybe this trend isn’t something to wear inside the office, however on rainy days, throw on a bucket hat to save your hair from the rain

On the Weekends – perfect with everything on your summer agenda, the bucket hat will keep the sun off your face while keeping your outfit cute and sassy

11 Questions for Planning the Ultimate Summer! | Clutter Video Tip

With summer right around the corner, many Moms are frantically planning summer activities for our kids. This week, Lorie brings you tips on how plan the ultimate summer!

from: https://www.clutterdiet.com/get-organized-to-make-summer-a-breeze/ 

Summertime, and the livin’ is easy… Wait, what? I guess the kids didn’t get that memo. So, what do you do now that the temperature is rising and along with it, your wanderlust? Watch this video and start singing a new tune and enjoying your endless summer.
(Click here to watch on YouTube if you can’t see the embedded player. Or watch the video at http://bit.ly/tcdsummer.)


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5 Trends Hotter than the Summer Sun


Fringe is In

This summer is all about fun in the sun, so add some fun textures to your wardrobe with fringe details. Go for a bold look with a heavily fringed top or add some subtle fringe with tassels dangling from your jewelry.

This look can also be an easy DIY. Find a great sweater or vest at your local Goodwill store, then add a few yards of fringe (found at any craft store), and instant style!

America, the Beautiful

With Fourth of July celebrations just around the corner, it’s time to bring out your stars and stripes! Go all out with a star spangled tank-top or add a flag detail to your favorite denim jacket.

Say Aloha!
Floral prints aren’t just for spring. Brighten up your look with bold hibiscus and tropical palm tree prints. 
Hawaiian print shirts are a great treasure that you are sure to find at your local Goodwill stores. Consider purchasing a men’s large camp-style shirt in a great print and turning it into a skirt dress!
And yes, gentlemen, the Hawaiian shirt is back in style!

Relax, Take it Easy

Bring out the palazzo pants and relaxed trousers, summer is all about taking it easy. 
This is a great trend on those hot summer days. Stay cool and comfortable with looser, airy garments and lightweight materials.

Mix and Match
When it comes to prints, don’t be afraid to mix and match. Summer is about having fun, so have some fun with your wardrobe! Find new outfit combinations you might not have considered before…and what better way to experiment with this daring trend than with great finds at Goodwill!

Whatever your style is this summer, be sure to check out Goodwill for the latest in trends and of course, AMAZING finds! 
    …and Haleigh!

Take Your Wardrobe Into Fall…with your summer clothes

Over the past few months, I’ve offered several tips on adding in some current trend into your wardrobe.  You might remember the tips on shorts, bathing suits, and even dresses posted on this blog.

As summer winds down and the kids head back to school I thought it would be a good idea to look at our closet to decide what we can wear as we transition into fall.
  • Summer fabrics: things like gauze and linen are distinctive summer fabrics and won’t work in the fall.  Move these things to your “out of season” wardrobe, or donate at your local Goodwill store. 
  • Shorts:although short suits were a huge trend in early Spring, going into fall keep wearing walking shorts, but pair them with an ankle boot.  As the weather gets cooler, try a colored or textured tight with the shorts! 
  • Summer Dresses:  add tights to your summer dresses, or try boots. The best summer dresses to keep around are those without a distinct summer pattern (i.e. bold floral).  
  • Bare Some Skin: it’s OK to start wearing those fall dresses and skirts now, just keep a bare leg.  This will keep you cool in the warmer fall days, but is a great way to transition to tights and boots. 
  • Sandals:  keep your toes exposed well into autumn.  My general rule is it’s OK to wear toe-bearing shoes until the first frost. The sock/sandal trend we seen in fashion magazines and on the runways is a trend that is very hard to pull off.  To avoid a fopah – skip it. 
  • Colors:start wearing the trendy colors of fall (don’t know what those colors are?  Sign up for my newsletter HERE and get the Fall-Winter 2013 Trend Report for FREE!) 
  • Add a scarf: one way to keep warm in the cooler fall evenings is to simply add a scarf to your ensemble.

Want to be in the know on the latest trends?  Sign up for my newsletter HERE and get my Fall-Winter 2013 Trend report for Free!

Summer Fashion Trends for Less!

What better way to celebrate a hot summer day than to talk trends…for less!
First, let’s get some of the seasons hot color into your wardrobe – EMERALD! Seek out that THING at Goodwill in the IT color. Be it seafoam or turquoise, green is the IT color this season, and your wardrobe needs more color! 
Let’s say you find a really cool pair of green shoes at Goodwill, how many different ways could you wear them?  
Consider these ideas:
Try with your favorite summer dress. Even if the summer dress doesn’t have any green in it, the added touch of an unexpected color says instant style!
We all have those favorite lounge shorts that we try to dress up from time to time. Break out the green shoes! Keep everything on top neutral, and let the shoes speak for themselves!
And what about all that black and white in your closet?  One way to add some sass into those monochromatic looks is a splash of color in your shoes.
One thing I always seem to find when I am Goodwilling are cute jackets. I am not a big jacket person, so I came up with these fun ways to bring a seemingly tailored jacket into my wardrobe.
Rompers are a big trend this season, why not dress up the uber casual look with a pop of color!

I love my colored skinny jeans, especially the pair I got for a few dollars at Goodwill!  I like to wear a trendy stripe tee with them…here I added the green jacket to one of my favorite outfits to make it luncheon-worthy, or cocktail-worthy, or grocery shopping-worthy…well, you get the idea!

Summer dresses, LOVE THEM!  But I don’t like to wear them to dinner because they are sleeveless, and restaurants are freezing!  Throwing on this green jacket against the white/red sundress is a fun color combination that screams high fashion.  Then, I found a whimsical straw watermelon clutch that really brings the whole look together. FUN!
Well, good luck seeking out that one thing in this season’s HOT color!  I can’t wait to hear about (and see!) what you find at your local Goodwill store!  Oh, and by the way – check the sales calendar to be sure you get ever more for your money at Goodwill!
Goodwill of Michiana’s Fashion Guru

Bathing Suit tips for Summer 2013

Well, the season is finally here…the time of the year we learn how to masterfully suck-it-in, creatively wear a towel as a skirt and head to the beach or pool.

This summer, I challenge you to embrace your curves and fluff.  To that end…I offer some tips and tricks to make this bathing suit season your best yet! 


Carry a cover up with you wherever you go, and make sure that the cover up is one that dries quickly.  There is nothing more unsightly than a wet pair of shorts over a bathing suit.  Be creative with your coverups.  Maybe a men’s button up might make a cute cover up (wearing it as a dress), or athletic wear that dries quickly, or maybe even a lightweight summer jacket?
As you scour your local Goodwill, be sure to keep an open mind and be creative with what might be able to be used as a coverup.


Getting a great suit is all about dealing with your “situations“…or as some of my friends call it, fluff; those fluffy situations that seem to sit right at our midsections and on our hips. Here are some easy tips to camouflage the area:

  • Fabric:  the first thing to look for is a bathing suit with a lot of lycra or spandex. This will hold everything in. When you are seeking out a bathing suit at a Thrift Store, remember to be sure the elastic still has some spring in it, and the fabric still has stretch. 
  • Style:  A tankini style with rouching is the best for concealing the midsection. Rouching are small gathers at the side of the top that create a drape across the midsection.  If you can find a suit with side panels AND rouching – SCORE! Don’t be opposed to purchasing 2 bathing suits at Goodwill, and using the top to one and bottom to another…but be sure to do this on a 50% off sale day!
  • A tankini with a patterned top.  The pattern will act like camouflage.  Pattern and rouching – double score on the slimming factor!

But, for some of us, the midsection isn’t’ the part of our silhouette we are the most self conscious about, so here are some other tips:

Heavy Arms 
Shifting attention away from the neckline / shoulder area will be key for you.  Look for a suit with detail at the center, something that creates vertical interest. Another thing to consider is your coverup.  Coverups should match your bathing suit.  Going monochromatic here is a good choice.

Small Bust 
Look for suits that have a lot of detail or embellishment on the top. Things like ruffles, maybe metal rings on the straps or even a pattern with a lot of contrast (that demands attention).  Contrasting colors (like pink and orange) will make the top ‘pop’. 

Large Bust 

Make sure you choose a top with an underwire support.  Many manufacturers offer bathing suits in bra-sizing.  This makes it simple to get a very good supportive fit.Darker prints without a lot of contrast will help to minimize.  Make sure that the coverage (in the neckline and around the under-arm area) does just that…cover
Disguise Hips 
      Skirted suits have made a comeback and are cuter than ever! Look for a skirt that is longer than the widest part of your hip.  This style tends to look more like a tennis skirt than the “swimming dresses” our grandmothers wore. Don’t love the skirted idea?  Then the opposite is best for you.  A high cut leg will elongate your leg, and help to minimize your hip.

Plain (without pattern) on the bottom with an interesting contrast top will help to balance your hips and draw attention away from your hips to your face. 

Plus Size Bathing Beauties 
Looking for suits with extra Lycra will serve you well (about 15-20% of the fabric content).  Rouching and support will be important for you.  Choose a bold print.

Finally, CHEERS to a fun-filled and fashionable summer!

Cover Up: http://productshots2.modcloth.com
Other Tips: http://thriftstorerunway.com

summer trends, stripes

Have you notices in Michiana Goodwill stores trend boards that look something like this? We are Goodwill are dedicated to make sure you are shopping for on-trend clothing for you and your family.

Our fashion guru Kathy Friend has provided these trend boards for us each season to help you know exactly what is trendy! In the upcoming days / weeks, we will be sharing the 4 big trends of the season with you…here and of course in all of our Goodwill stores!

 Kathy’s Summer Trend Tip:

The stripe trend will continue through Fall – which makes this fashionista very happy!  I love stripes, and continually am searching for different ways to wear them.

Try something a little daring and pair your stripes with another print.

The key to wearing strips is fairly simple…keep the weight of the stripe in line with your stature.  In other words, if you are a petite little thing make sure the stripes you wear are thinner.  Also keep in mind wherever you wear stripes you are going to gain attention.  If you don’t want attention around your hips, make sure you don’t don a stripe there!

Summer Fashion Trends – black and white

Have you notices in Michiana Goodwill stores trend boards that look something like this?  We are Goodwill are dedicated to make sure you are shopping for on-trend clothing for you and your family.

Our fashion guru Kathy Friend has provided these trend boards for us each season to help you know exactly what is trendy!  In the upcoming days / weeks, we will be sharing the 4 big trends of the season with you…here and of course in all of our Goodwill stores!

Kathy’s Summer Trend Tip:

Here we see the summer trend – black and white.

Black and White is always in-fashion, and this summer is no exception!  To make this look fresh, add a touch of camel (tan) to an all white outfit!  And be sure to mix trends with this black and white feel: stripes and baroque are 2 big print and pattern trends.

Adding interest with color is a great way to mask figure flaws when wearing our favorite black and white looks.  Trying to hide mid-section issues?  Then add a pop of color at your feet, or with your jewelry (or maybe bright red lips!).  

Summer fashion trends – the maxi!

Have you notices in Michiana Goodwill stores trend boards that look something like this?  We are Goodwill are dedicated to make sure you are shopping for on-trend clothing for you and your family.

Our fashion guru Kathy Friend has provided these trend boards for us each season to help you know exactly what is trendy!  In the upcoming days / weeks, we will be sharing the 4 big trends of the season with you…here and of course in all of our Goodwill stores!

Kathy’s Summer Trend Tip:

 The maxi is all the rage this season.  Maxi simply means long.  LONG AND LEAN!

This can be a tricky look to pull off if you are petite.  Simple fabrics in a monochromatic hue will be best and easiest to wear.