Book Page Art DIY Home Decor Idea


Book Page ArtBook Page Art as DIY home décor? Yes!

When you’re headed out for some Goodwill shopping therapy or are trying to come up with easy DIY home décor ideas from the thrift store, I bet your thoughts don’t immediately jump to books. In fact, a lot of shoppers walk right past the book department or don’t realize Goodwill has one. Well, I’m here to say you’re missing out on a gold mine of serious home decorating potential! Book art is a trendy way to decorate your home in a variety of ways.

Buying decorative prints or wall art for your home can get very expensive very fast. So, when I’m looking for something to fill a space on my wall that is easy, beautiful and unique, one place I always check is Goodwill’s book department. While that may sound a little strange, I guarantee it’s worth a look! An easy home decorating option is to pull some pages from books and display them in frames or unique hangers.

Clipboard Frame

Book Page Art clipboard frame

Here’s an easy DIY project for a unique hanging option: DIY Clipboard Frame

Framed Page Art

Book Page Art framed book pages

Book pages on their own are beautiful and have a ton of decorating potential. There is just something about the printed text that makes my heart skip a beat. And you can get creative by drawing, painting, or printing images onto those pages. Old Hymn pages are also great for this!

Map Art on Hanger

Book Page Art map on hanger

But if that’s not your style, there are still great options. When it comes to home décor, floral prints or maps are very popular. Grab an old Atlas or field guide and pull out your favorites! You can also see if they have a copy of your favorite book or author. I’ve even used a book of poems before. Or try hanging some vintage recipe book pages in your kitchen. Like I said, there are a ton of options!

Mod Podge Book Page Table

Book Page Art Mod Podge table

Here’s another great DIY with book pages: Mod Podge DIY Table

So, stop in at your local Goodwill store and get started on an amazing mixed media gallery wall! Everything in the post pictures came from a local Goodwill store, including the wooden pant hanger.

I will definitely be keeping an eye out for more of those.

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Goodwill Style Makeover – Charlene

Welcome to 2019 and this month’s edition of the Goodwill Style Makeover!

In this Style Makeover post, we will introduce you to Charlene who is a client at Goodwill. She went through the Goodwill Works Program to help her with job skills. She is nominated as this month’s Style Makeover because of her hard work.  As a Goodwill Works Client, Charlene obtained employment with the Goodwill Industries of Michiana corporate office in the custodial services department.  Her co-workers say she is always going above and beyond to help others. They want to thank her with this Style Makeover!

Through this makeover, Charlene stepped back and thought about her style, and what her clothes were saying about her personality  As a result, she is able to make thoughtful changes to her image for 2019. Certainly this is a good “check” for all of us in the New Year.  We hope you enjoy Charlene’s Style Makeover story in this video.

Trend Alert! Prints Everywhere

I’m sure you’ve noticed all the prints that are in trend this season.  …and have you noticed all the mixing of prints?  Stripes with floral, polka dot with stripes. Here are some expert tips on how to master mixing prints:

  • Alike colors – make sure the colors in both prints are similar
  • Alike or opposite weight – the size of the pattern in both prints should be about the same (i.e. medium), or opposite (i.e. large floral with a pin stripe)

Give this print-mixing trend a try…and send us a photo of what you find at your local Goodwill Store to mix!


Trend Alert! Logo Love

What’s on-trend on the streets of NYC?  Logos…logos everywhere!  All of the big fashion houses are putting their logos on everything from socks to t-shirts, dresses and jewelry.  Search your local Goodwill store for key logo pieces and wear them in an unexpected way. Try a logo t-shirt with a pencil skirt. A logo blouse with a track pant. Be creative, and let your inner fashionista shine!

Trend Alert! Top Trends for Spring 2018

We know you love knowing what the current trends are…and you may have noticed the Trend information displayed on the TVs inside our stores. We thought we would give you a few of those images here to allow you to get a closer look.

This trend is the coverall, also known as the playsuit, also known as the romper.  The more utilitarian and industrial looking, the more on-trend!  This look isn’t just for the ladies!  Guys are getting in on this look too.  Goodwill is the place to hunt down the perfect coverall!  Add some kitschy patches and make it your own!

It’s almost FASHION SHOW time! LBD Merrillville, October 16th

The Goodwill Fashion Show Team is hard at work again to bring you an amazing runway show on October 16, 2014 in Merrillville, IN

For months we’ve been hunting down perfect looks at local Goodwill Stores, casting models of all ages and sizes, and finishing outfits for the runway. I can promise that those who attend this season’s show will not be disappointed! 

The pop-up Boutique that will be at the luncheon will be the best yet. Dozens of racks of great on-trend clothes, gobs of shoes, tons of designer handbags, barrels full of great jewelry… it will all be at the store!

We know that you all love coming to our luncheon fashion show events for several reasons: an amazing Runway Show, 50% Off Shopping at the pop-up Boutique and a nice luncheon with your friends.  BUT, there is so much more to this event. 

All proceeds from fashion show events will benefit Goodwill’s Mission to provide jobs, training and placement services for people with barriers to employment. Giving back into our communities can help people with barriers find a new sense of dignity, meaning and purpose.  The intent of this event is to raise awareness of the many job programs that our Workforce Development Services Division has to offer as well as educating individuals about the affordable name-brand fashions that can be purchased at our Goodwill Industries of Michiana Retail Stores.

There is still a little time for you to get in on the fun, get some great deals and support a great cause. Tickets can be purchased HERE.   $45 per Ticket – act fast!  Seats are selling out! 

Major Debit and Credit Cards Accepted

Hope to see YOU at the Luncheon and Fashion Show…or maybe in the pop-up Boutique!

Summer Fashion Trends for Less!

What better way to celebrate a hot summer day than to talk trends…for less!
First, let’s get some of the seasons hot color into your wardrobe – EMERALD! Seek out that THING at Goodwill in the IT color. Be it seafoam or turquoise, green is the IT color this season, and your wardrobe needs more color! 
Let’s say you find a really cool pair of green shoes at Goodwill, how many different ways could you wear them?  
Consider these ideas:
Try with your favorite summer dress. Even if the summer dress doesn’t have any green in it, the added touch of an unexpected color says instant style!
We all have those favorite lounge shorts that we try to dress up from time to time. Break out the green shoes! Keep everything on top neutral, and let the shoes speak for themselves!
And what about all that black and white in your closet?  One way to add some sass into those monochromatic looks is a splash of color in your shoes.
One thing I always seem to find when I am Goodwilling are cute jackets. I am not a big jacket person, so I came up with these fun ways to bring a seemingly tailored jacket into my wardrobe.
Rompers are a big trend this season, why not dress up the uber casual look with a pop of color!

I love my colored skinny jeans, especially the pair I got for a few dollars at Goodwill!  I like to wear a trendy stripe tee with them…here I added the green jacket to one of my favorite outfits to make it luncheon-worthy, or cocktail-worthy, or grocery shopping-worthy…well, you get the idea!

Summer dresses, LOVE THEM!  But I don’t like to wear them to dinner because they are sleeveless, and restaurants are freezing!  Throwing on this green jacket against the white/red sundress is a fun color combination that screams high fashion.  Then, I found a whimsical straw watermelon clutch that really brings the whole look together. FUN!
Well, good luck seeking out that one thing in this season’s HOT color!  I can’t wait to hear about (and see!) what you find at your local Goodwill store!  Oh, and by the way – check the sales calendar to be sure you get ever more for your money at Goodwill!
Goodwill of Michiana’s Fashion Guru

TRENDS – Spring is finally here!

One quick way to add some life into your wardrobe is with a dash of a current trend.  Nothing feels better than adding several new pieces into your closet; things you love, that fit you well that are spot-on and trendy.

Let’s be honest – revamping our closets every season just to maintain relevancy and life can be really expensive!

Let’s think of trends in terms of accessories.  Handbags, shoes, jewelry are all ways we can take a simple monochromatic outfit from drab to fab! …and can maintain our budget at the same time!

Channel your inner Jackie-O with some over-sized sunglasses this season. The bigger, the more colorful the better!  This trend leans a little catroonish in style.

Thrift shops always have a ton of sunglasses in a variety of styles. Be sure to check out this section next time you are at your local Goodwill store. 

This trend reminds me of the 70’s and 80’s in a BIG way.  I remember my Mom having a pair of sandals that were see-through Lucite.  They had little flowers that were glued on the toe. Ahhhh yes, memories!

Today, this trend is a great thing to look for at your local Goodwill.  The true fashionista will want to embrace this trend in its pure form: the mod vintage feel from the 70’s and 80’s!

Another big trend this season is the tote.  I love the notion of this, especially for summer.  Imagine yourself strolling through an open air market, with your super trendy cool tote to hold all of your goodies!  Or for moms, consider doing away with the baby-bag and embrace something a bit more sophisticated in this season’s trendy tote!

One thing I always check out at Thrift Shops is handbags.  You never know what you are going to find there!  This season, be sure to train your eye to look for the larger bags. 

In jewelry, the trend is strong metals.  Bold, thick metal statement pieces are all the rage!  And, yes, GOLD is very on-trend right now.

Consider layering your jewelry this season to create this big bulky look.

Did you know that most Goodwill stores have a section just for jewelry?  I have visited dozens and dozens of Goodwill stores all over the country, and I notice the jewelry counter / display seems to get overlooked. If you are a collector or maybe someone who likes to make or re-purpose jewelry, check out this area of your local Goodwill store.