Goodwill Industries
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Serving Northern Indiana, Southwest Michigan, and Southeast Chicagoland
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Retail Services

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Building resilience through violence intervention, family health care, veteran support, and more.

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Partnering with local businesses to match workers with a job that fits their interests, their skills, and their life.

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Supporting adults in getting a high school diploma and training workers to unlock new career opportunities.

Goodwill Industries

Ways We Serve

We support communities across Northern Indiana, Southwest Michigan, and Southeast Chicagoland.

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Delivering project-based, off-site support for businesses in need of additional labor.
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Pairing job-seeking seniors with roles in programs that directly serve their communities.
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Offering a Core 40 education and supportive services to adults wanting a high school diploma.
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Inspiring new paths for young adults through career guidance, skills training, and work opportunities.
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Closing communication gaps by deepening employers’ understanding of poverty and its impacts.
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Helping employers improve retention by connecting employees with supportive resources.
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Partnering with vocational programs and employers to provide job placement to people with disabilities.
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Teaching job seekers the skills they need to find success and earn a living wage in the manufacturing industry.
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Championing people impacted by the justice system through job placement and training.
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Connecting vets with a broad range of VA and community services at our annual Stand Downs and all year long.
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Building healthier families through one-on-one nurse support during a first pregnancy and beyond.
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Promoting non-violence in South Bend by de-escalating group conflicts through outreach and community building.
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Expanding options for people at risk of violence through job training, mentoring, and support services.
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Providing training, resources, and opportunities to job seekers at the Larry Neff Center for Career Connections.

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