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Our custom B2B solutions are designed to help your organization while furthering the Goodwill mission.

Why Partner with Goodwill?

The benefits stretch far beyond your 
own organization.
Regardless of the size of your business, the industry you’re in, or the type of product or service you offer, Goodwill helps organizations like yours. By commissioning our Industrial Services and Human Resource experts, you are helping to bring employment stability to our 
local workforce.
Goodwill Industries

Expand your capabilities

When you delegate work to our Industrial Services program, you gain access to our labor, space, equipment, and expertise. By freeing up space in your facility and saving your employees’ time, you’ll cut back on expenses and can offer your clients more of what you do best.

Our industrial service offerings include:

Bagging, bar-coding, cartoning, kit packaging, labeling, shrink wrapping, and more

Assembly, fabrication, inspection, and rework

Wiping Cloths:
We take scrap fabric that can’t be resold as garments and turn them into three different types of wiping cloths: General Cleanup, Extra Absorbent, and Die Free for Solvent. Contact us to learn which is best for your project.
Goodwill Industries

Support your employees

Your HR department deals with the daily challenges of your business—let Goodwill help find your employees the resources they need to be successful. Through WeConnect, we will serve as the liaison between you and your employees and help coordinate vital resources that are proven to extend employee tenure.

Many employers need assistance in working with under-resourced employees. WeConnect provides companies with trainings and workshops through the Bridges Out of Poverty curriculum to help bridge the communication gap and to foster workplace stability.

Going Beyond His Record

David, Second Chance

With his history of homelessness, addiction, and time in jail, many employers wouldn’t give David a second look. Determined to rebuild his life, he connected with the Goodwill’s Second Chance Program. There, David found the structure and support he needed to lay a strong foundation. “If it worked for me, it’ll work for you,” he says. “All you have to do is apply yourself.”

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