TRENDS – Spring is finally here!

One quick way to add some life into your wardrobe is with a dash of a current trend.  Nothing feels better than adding several new pieces into your closet; things you love, that fit you well that are spot-on and trendy.

Let’s be honest – revamping our closets every season just to maintain relevancy and life can be really expensive!

Let’s think of trends in terms of accessories.  Handbags, shoes, jewelry are all ways we can take a simple monochromatic outfit from drab to fab! …and can maintain our budget at the same time!

Channel your inner Jackie-O with some over-sized sunglasses this season. The bigger, the more colorful the better!  This trend leans a little catroonish in style.

Thrift shops always have a ton of sunglasses in a variety of styles. Be sure to check out this section next time you are at your local Goodwill store. 

This trend reminds me of the 70’s and 80’s in a BIG way.  I remember my Mom having a pair of sandals that were see-through Lucite.  They had little flowers that were glued on the toe. Ahhhh yes, memories!

Today, this trend is a great thing to look for at your local Goodwill.  The true fashionista will want to embrace this trend in its pure form: the mod vintage feel from the 70’s and 80’s!

Another big trend this season is the tote.  I love the notion of this, especially for summer.  Imagine yourself strolling through an open air market, with your super trendy cool tote to hold all of your goodies!  Or for moms, consider doing away with the baby-bag and embrace something a bit more sophisticated in this season’s trendy tote!

One thing I always check out at Thrift Shops is handbags.  You never know what you are going to find there!  This season, be sure to train your eye to look for the larger bags. 

In jewelry, the trend is strong metals.  Bold, thick metal statement pieces are all the rage!  And, yes, GOLD is very on-trend right now.

Consider layering your jewelry this season to create this big bulky look.

Did you know that most Goodwill stores have a section just for jewelry?  I have visited dozens and dozens of Goodwill stores all over the country, and I notice the jewelry counter / display seems to get overlooked. If you are a collector or maybe someone who likes to make or re-purpose jewelry, check out this area of your local Goodwill store.