TREND ALERT: walking shorts

One of the hottest trends this season is the walking short. I’ve been looking all over for the perfect walking short (that won’t break my very-limited budget) and have fallen short.

While organizing my closet this week I came across a pair of trouser pants that I never wear. They are a loose fitting linen that would be perfect for shorts. But alas, they are a baggy pant.
My instinct was to set them aside in the Goodwill pile, but then I thought twice. Maybe I could make these into the perfect walking short!

Well…long story short, I really messed up my first attempt (or two) at this DIY project (let’s just say I am NO Amy Clark!).

After several trips to Goodwill to get other “perfect trousers that will become perfect walking shorts” I stumbled upon some ideas and tips that will help you not make the same mistakes I did.

line everything up and mark your pattern

To create the pattern, I found a pair of shorts in my closet that I like.  The length of these old shorts seems to be perfect, so I used those as a pattern for my DIY ones.

Lie the shorts on top of the pants.  Line up the rise of both pants. This will insure that the length of both sorts is about the same.  **NOTE this is a step I did not take the first few times around, and found that it is in fact a critical part of the equation! 

Measure twice…cut once

Mark the pants with alteration chalk and a ruler **NOTE yet another step I left out the first time or two around. 

The ruler is critical.  Although I can cut a straight line on wrapping paper, apparently I can not cut a straight line on fabric.

(Photo Credit: check out this blog for great How To, Entertainment, Fashion Beauty and more!)

Time to cut

I made sure to make my cut an inch longer than I needed.  This allowed for some ‘slop’ (and by ‘slop’ I mean my inability to cut a straight line).

Stitch it down

Since I don’t own a sewing machine, I try to use Stitch Witchery or hand mend things that need a needle and thread.

(photo from – check out her blog and see how she made some denim DIY shorts)

Be the envy of your friends 

One of the best things about projects like this is when people ask you where you got those super cute shorts, you can say “They are a one of a kind, and I got them from Goodwill for just a few dollars and made them into shorts myself”…it’s a real bargain for up-to-the-minute style… that is unless you mess up as many times as I did (*wink*).