It’s almost FASHION SHOW time! LBD Merrillville, October 16th

The Goodwill Fashion Show Team is hard at work again to bring you an amazing runway show on October 16, 2014 in Merrillville, IN

For months we’ve been hunting down perfect looks at local Goodwill Stores, casting models of all ages and sizes, and finishing outfits for the runway. I can promise that those who attend this season’s show will not be disappointed! 

The pop-up Boutique that will be at the luncheon will be the best yet. Dozens of racks of great on-trend clothes, gobs of shoes, tons of designer handbags, barrels full of great jewelry… it will all be at the store!

We know that you all love coming to our luncheon fashion show events for several reasons: an amazing Runway Show, 50% Off Shopping at the pop-up Boutique and a nice luncheon with your friends.  BUT, there is so much more to this event. 

All proceeds from fashion show events will benefit Goodwill’s Mission to provide jobs, training and placement services for people with barriers to employment. Giving back into our communities can help people with barriers find a new sense of dignity, meaning and purpose.  The intent of this event is to raise awareness of the many job programs that our Workforce Development Services Division has to offer as well as educating individuals about the affordable name-brand fashions that can be purchased at our Goodwill Industries of Michiana Retail Stores.

There is still a little time for you to get in on the fun, get some great deals and support a great cause. Tickets can be purchased HERE.   $45 per Ticket – act fast!  Seats are selling out! 

Major Debit and Credit Cards Accepted

Hope to see YOU at the Luncheon and Fashion Show…or maybe in the pop-up Boutique!

Spring Summer 2014 Fashion Trends

A few weeks ago, many of you joined me at the 5th Annual Little Black Dress Fashion Show and Luncheon.  It was a spectacular day, filled with shopping, good food, and of course…a great fashion show.

If you were one of the lucky ones to be at this must-attend event, then you saw some of the season’s top trends on the runway.  For those who weren’t able to be with us, I thought I would share a spinet of the fashion show with you, and show you what some of the season’s top trends are.

Pantone tells us that the year’s color is Radiant Orchid.  You will see purple everywhere this season, as an accent to prints and as the statement hue in many looks.  Because purple is hot, you will also see colors that are logical ‘matches’ to that trending (for example, orange and yellow).

Bold black and white is back and is BOLD this season. This season, step out of your “color comfort” zone, and add a pop of an unexpected color to your geometric black and whites.

Structured shapes are also a big trend this season. Short, boxy jackets over shirt-dresses, traditional trench-coat styles in whimsical prints. 

Full skirts are also something for us to consider adding into our wardrobe this season. Think 1950 housewife style.  Longer is more on-trend, but can be hard to wear.

It seems every summer, we see a nautical feel in trends.  This season is no exception. Stripes, strong hardware…all nautical inspired details.

One of the fabrics we are seeing a lot of this season is a heavy lace.  Personally, I am in love with this look!

The maxi dress is back and bigger than ever!

Prints this season have a distinct artistic tribal feel. 

To see all the photos from this year’s Little Black Dress Fashion Show and Luncheon, click HERE.

To get a FREE copy of my complete Spring Summer 2014 Trend report, just click HERE!

Ode To The LBD…a fashion show poem

Twas the week before the LBD Show,
Excitement was building with those ‘in the know‘.
The fitting area a buzz with models in clothes,
“This will be great on the runway,” as anticipation continually rose.

The committee was working, intent on the details,
Me thinks it’s time to find the Black Tie and Tails!
Me with my laptop, others with an IPad,
Our brains on overload with stripes, polka dots and plaid.

When out in the plant there rose such a clatter,
“A model with no handbag”, that’s what was the matter!
 Away from the racks I flew like a bird
“A runway look, no purse?” well, that is absurd!

Florescent lights fell on a barrel of totes,
And what is that over there? A rack of new coats?
When what to my wandering eyes should appear,
But Radiant Orchid clutch! Away goes my fear!

“Now Mara, and Maxin, Mandy and Fran,
let’s put this show together! Time to finalize the plan!”
Scampering, running and steaming the clothes,
Models perfecting their runway pose.

Designer looks, styled to perfection,
The shoppers will have a super selection!
Sequins, satin and even a little lace,
“Attention to details girls, let’s pick up the pace!”

Then in a moment, I heard the rev on a motor,
The Goodwill truck was waiting, the event is getting closer.
I fretted over the finishing touch,
I believe this will be the best show yet, I believe it very much!

I packed up my car, with shoes, pants and racks,
The show will be amazing, sharing some Goodwill facts.
Tickets are going fast, call now to reserve your spot,
The best fashion show in town, miss it you should not!

Yes, seating is now limited, only a few chairs to go,
Get your ticket now if you want to see the show!
The luncheon will be grand, shopping the highlight,
See you on Thursday, get your ticket on the website. 

Little Black Dress Model Search starts…NOW

This time every year, we start our intense search for a group of models for the Goodwill Industries of Michiana Little Black Dress.

This year, our search will begin on Wednesday, March 19th! 

This is an open call which means all that are interested are invited to come and express their interest.  Kathy Friend, our fashion guru and producer of this event, will be on-hand to answer your questions and tell you all that is involved with being a Goodwill Model.

Those will be seen by Kathy on a first come-first served basis.  Each interview will take about 10-15 minutes. During your interview, you can expect:

  • Learn about what the team from the Style and Image Institute will be looking for in a group of models for the show
  • What you can expect from the fitting process
  • What to prepare for if you are chosen to be one of the models
  • You will be asked to sign a release document
  • Your photo will be taken 

Everyone interested in being a model must attend one of our Open Call events.  There will be one more Open Call on Wednesday, March 25 from 2pm – 4om.