Book Page Art DIY Home Decor Idea


Book Page ArtBook Page Art as DIY home décor? Yes!

When you’re headed out for some Goodwill shopping therapy or are trying to come up with easy DIY home décor ideas from the thrift store, I bet your thoughts don’t immediately jump to books. In fact, a lot of shoppers walk right past the book department or don’t realize Goodwill has one. Well, I’m here to say you’re missing out on a gold mine of serious home decorating potential! Book art is a trendy way to decorate your home in a variety of ways.

Buying decorative prints or wall art for your home can get very expensive very fast. So, when I’m looking for something to fill a space on my wall that is easy, beautiful and unique, one place I always check is Goodwill’s book department. While that may sound a little strange, I guarantee it’s worth a look! An easy home decorating option is to pull some pages from books and display them in frames or unique hangers.

Clipboard Frame

Book Page Art clipboard frame

Here’s an easy DIY project for a unique hanging option: DIY Clipboard Frame

Framed Page Art

Book Page Art framed book pages

Book pages on their own are beautiful and have a ton of decorating potential. There is just something about the printed text that makes my heart skip a beat. And you can get creative by drawing, painting, or printing images onto those pages. Old Hymn pages are also great for this!

Map Art on Hanger

Book Page Art map on hanger

But if that’s not your style, there are still great options. When it comes to home décor, floral prints or maps are very popular. Grab an old Atlas or field guide and pull out your favorites! You can also see if they have a copy of your favorite book or author. I’ve even used a book of poems before. Or try hanging some vintage recipe book pages in your kitchen. Like I said, there are a ton of options!

Mod Podge Book Page Table

Book Page Art Mod Podge table

Here’s another great DIY with book pages: Mod Podge DIY Table

So, stop in at your local Goodwill store and get started on an amazing mixed media gallery wall! Everything in the post pictures came from a local Goodwill store, including the wooden pant hanger.

I will definitely be keeping an eye out for more of those.

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Spring Home Project – Easy DIY Terrarium

Spring Home Project DIY… bringing a little outside inside

Bringing the outside into your home with plants is a great way to (literally) bring some life Into your Spring home projects.  There are a ton of resources available at your local Goodwill to create an amazingly easy DIY terrarium!

With Spring upon us, I have been anxious to test my green thumb.  But at the same time, terrified the temperature changes will result in mass garden casualties! So, this easy DIY Terrarium is an easy indoor plant option.

Not only are terrariums perfect for our unruly weather, they’re also a beautiful option for decorating with thrift store finds. If you like budget friendly home décor options, you’ll love the Easy DIY Terrarium!

Easy as 1-2-3

To get started on your own Easy DIY Terrarium, here is what you will need from your local Goodwill for this project:

  1.   Glass Tray
  2.   Terracotta Pots
  3.   Glass Cloche Domes.  What is a cloche?  Simply put, it is a translucent cover used to protect plants. You can use any clear glass for this project. Be creative! Just be sure the class is tall.  This is key. Your plant needs room to grow. Some things that might work: glass jars, glass bowls, mason jars, or a fish bowl.

Get some potting supplies too. If you’re a plant expert, feel free to set up your terrarium however you’d like. If you’re not sure where to start, check out my full post HERE to see how I “layered” my Easy DIY Terrarium. I also shared a trick for finding house plants for cheap!

Once you have your supplies from Goodwill,  start putting together your Easy DIY Terrarium.

Step 1

It’s super simple. First, get your plants into the terracotta pots.

Step 2

Then, arrange on your tray.

Step 3

Finally, add the domes!


Tip 1:  Because the covered terrariums create a greenhouse effect, there will be some moisture build up. Which is why I highly suggest the glass tray like I used.  This will create a moisture barrier between your Easy DIY Terrariums and whatever surface you’ll be putting them on.

Tip 2:  When you pick out your supplies at Goodwill, make sure the dome fits over the terracotta pots you use. A couple of mine were a pretty snug fit, and I had to experiment with which dome worked best with each pot.

Tip 3:  Goodwill has a ton of great glassware options that would be perfect for Easy DIY Terrariums! You could also try tall vases for open terrariums, or jars and bottles for a more Boho look.

Tip 4:  This can be a fun project for kids to get involved with. Let your kids help choose the plants, and get their hands dirty potting.  They will love watching something they created grow throughout the Spring and Summer.





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Gold Painted Milk Glass

Easy DIY Home Decorating Ideas


Thanksgiving is just around the corner and that means it’s time to start party planning! I love any excuse to host family and friends in my home, but it doesn’t take long for the budget to get out of control. So, I always start my party planning at my local Goodwill. It’s the perfect place for easy diy home decorating ideas!

This year I was inspired by a modern vintage theme for my diy Thanksgiving table decorations and decided painted milk glass was the way to go! I’m always coming across unique milk glass pieces during my Goodwill trips and have been hoping to find an excuse to pick some up.

As a mom of three, I’m all about easy diy home decorating ideas, and these painted milk glass vases were super simple and affordable. So head out to Goodwill and grab some vases to follow along with this post on diy Thanksgiving table decorations!


Your supply list is pretty simple. All you’ll need for these painted milk glass diy Thanksgiving table decorations are:

  1. Milk Glass Vases
  2. Spray Paint
  3. Painting tape

That’s it! Like I said, super simple.

To start out, scrub down all of the vases you plan on using for your painted milk glass project. You’ll want them to be super clean so the paint sticks well.

Next you can start applying the painting tape. Some of the vases I chose had a lot of detail and I tried to highlight that while applying the tape. I stuck with easy simple lines for those. I also had one vase that was more basic or neutral in design. For that vase, I added more geometric lines and shapes.

This step is super flexible and you can create whatever layouts you want. The goal is to have clean closed lines so your paint won’t bleed everywhere.

Once your tape is applied, you can move on to the painting part of your diy Thanksgiving table decorations project! Nothing complex here, just spray your paint within the taped off area of your milk glass vases and let dry.

Because I plan on using these for Thanksgiving decor, I wanted a warm color and went with gold. If you are thinking of using this painted milk glass project for a different theme or occasion, you can easily change out the color to fit.2018_tgiving3-3980039292-1542211741402.jpg

I’m telling you guys, when it comes to easy diy home decorating ideas, it doesn’t get easier than these painted milk glass vases! And hunting down supplies at Goodwill will save you a ton on decoration expenses. As an added bonus, you can trade the cheap paper decor look for something that “appears” more expensive!


Once your paint has dried, all that’s left is to throw a party and show off your new diy Thanksgiving table decorations! You can go with a minimal look and only use a few, or have an elaborate tablescape with as many as you can fit.

Hopefully you enjoyed this post and are already planning a supply trip to Goodwill. Check in later for more easy diy home decorating ideas!

P.S. if you liked the table place mats or round plate covers in the photos, I’ll be sharing how to make them along with some styling examples for everyone subscribed to my website!


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