Summer Fashion Trends for Less!

What better way to celebrate a hot summer day than to talk trends…for less!
First, let’s get some of the seasons hot color into your wardrobe – EMERALD! Seek out that THING at Goodwill in the IT color. Be it seafoam or turquoise, green is the IT color this season, and your wardrobe needs more color! 
Let’s say you find a really cool pair of green shoes at Goodwill, how many different ways could you wear them?  
Consider these ideas:
Try with your favorite summer dress. Even if the summer dress doesn’t have any green in it, the added touch of an unexpected color says instant style!
We all have those favorite lounge shorts that we try to dress up from time to time. Break out the green shoes! Keep everything on top neutral, and let the shoes speak for themselves!
And what about all that black and white in your closet?  One way to add some sass into those monochromatic looks is a splash of color in your shoes.
One thing I always seem to find when I am Goodwilling are cute jackets. I am not a big jacket person, so I came up with these fun ways to bring a seemingly tailored jacket into my wardrobe.
Rompers are a big trend this season, why not dress up the uber casual look with a pop of color!

I love my colored skinny jeans, especially the pair I got for a few dollars at Goodwill!  I like to wear a trendy stripe tee with them…here I added the green jacket to one of my favorite outfits to make it luncheon-worthy, or cocktail-worthy, or grocery shopping-worthy…well, you get the idea!

Summer dresses, LOVE THEM!  But I don’t like to wear them to dinner because they are sleeveless, and restaurants are freezing!  Throwing on this green jacket against the white/red sundress is a fun color combination that screams high fashion.  Then, I found a whimsical straw watermelon clutch that really brings the whole look together. FUN!
Well, good luck seeking out that one thing in this season’s HOT color!  I can’t wait to hear about (and see!) what you find at your local Goodwill store!  Oh, and by the way – check the sales calendar to be sure you get ever more for your money at Goodwill!
Goodwill of Michiana’s Fashion Guru