Summer Fashion Trends – black and white

Have you notices in Michiana Goodwill stores trend boards that look something like this?  We are Goodwill are dedicated to make sure you are shopping for on-trend clothing for you and your family.

Our fashion guru Kathy Friend has provided these trend boards for us each season to help you know exactly what is trendy!  In the upcoming days / weeks, we will be sharing the 4 big trends of the season with you…here and of course in all of our Goodwill stores!

Kathy’s Summer Trend Tip:

Here we see the summer trend – black and white.

Black and White is always in-fashion, and this summer is no exception!  To make this look fresh, add a touch of camel (tan) to an all white outfit!  And be sure to mix trends with this black and white feel: stripes and baroque are 2 big print and pattern trends.

Adding interest with color is a great way to mask figure flaws when wearing our favorite black and white looks.  Trying to hide mid-section issues?  Then add a pop of color at your feet, or with your jewelry (or maybe bright red lips!).