Fun Ways to Celebrate the Olympics

Are you as excited as I am for the Olympic games to start? In our family, the Olympics is something to watch and celebrate together. It is an opportunity to learn about other countries, to admire amazing athletes, and a time of celebration for our country.

The Olympic games are just a week away and I am so excited to share a few fun ideas for craft and activities you can do to celebrate this exciting time.  Today I wanted to share with you seven fun activities you can try together as a family to make the Olympics extra special for your kids.

1. Olympic Medal Cookies– What could be sweeter than receiving an Olympic medal? How about an Olympic Medal filled with a cookie? AlphaMom offers this sweet little Olympic craft to do with your little ones. Stumped for a cookie idea?  I highly recommend an Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Sea Salt Cookie for your medal filling!

2. Olympic T-Shirts– Visit Goodwill to find the perfect white t-shirt to dress up for the Olympic games. with a simple painted ring pattern on an inexpensive thrift store shirt, this is a craft that is easy enough to do with kids of all ages. Kate’s Creative Space offers this fun craft idea to her readers and we think it pairs perfectly with a great t-shirt from Goodwill!

3. DIY Olympic Torch– What child doesn’t dream of carrying around their very own Olympic torch. Hoosier Homemade showcases a fun craft that you can do to create your very own Olympic torch made from some commonly found items at your local craft store.

4. Olympics Party Fun– Why not throw a party for your family or for a group of families to celebrate the Olympics? A Small Snippet has you covered with everything from patriotic foods to great Olympic game ideas to play together, to fun ideas for decorations that don’t cost a lot. Before heading to your local superstore, check Goodwill for creative games and prop ideas for your very own mini-Olympics.

5. Olympic Torches Made From Recyclables– If hitting your craft store for supplies to make an Olympic torch isn’t in your budget, this Olympic Torch from The Idea Room is made from common items you have in your home and recyclables. These torches are made from a paper plate, a paper towel roll, and red & gold tissue paper. This is one that even the smallest child can do. Be sure to lift these high and participate in your own round of fun family Olympic games.

6. Olympic Rings Necklace– Even moms can jump in on the Olympic excitement with this cute craft, from Remarkably Domestic, for an Olympic Rings Necklace. This necklace is made from simple rings covered in Chinese knotting cord to create those Olympic rings everyone loves so much. This would be a fun craft to do while watching your favorite games this year!

7. Discus Throw Frisbee– Are your kids excited about the Discus Throw? This craft from My Sister’s Suitcase is a fun one for kids of all ages. Print a design for the front of your Frisbee and then have your child decorate it to their heart’s delight.

What are some ideas you have for celebrating the Olympic games with your family?