Take Your Wardrobe Into Fall…with your summer clothes

Over the past few months, I’ve offered several tips on adding in some current trend into your wardrobe.  You might remember the tips on shorts, bathing suits, and even dresses posted on this blog.

As summer winds down and the kids head back to school I thought it would be a good idea to look at our closet to decide what we can wear as we transition into fall.
  • Summer fabrics: things like gauze and linen are distinctive summer fabrics and won’t work in the fall.  Move these things to your “out of season” wardrobe, or donate at your local Goodwill store. 
  • Shorts:although short suits were a huge trend in early Spring, going into fall keep wearing walking shorts, but pair them with an ankle boot.  As the weather gets cooler, try a colored or textured tight with the shorts! 
  • Summer Dresses:  add tights to your summer dresses, or try boots. The best summer dresses to keep around are those without a distinct summer pattern (i.e. bold floral).  
  • Bare Some Skin: it’s OK to start wearing those fall dresses and skirts now, just keep a bare leg.  This will keep you cool in the warmer fall days, but is a great way to transition to tights and boots. 
  • Sandals:  keep your toes exposed well into autumn.  My general rule is it’s OK to wear toe-bearing shoes until the first frost. The sock/sandal trend we seen in fashion magazines and on the runways is a trend that is very hard to pull off.  To avoid a fopah – skip it. 
  • Colors:start wearing the trendy colors of fall (don’t know what those colors are?  Sign up for my newsletter HERE and get the Fall-Winter 2013 Trend Report for FREE!) 
  • Add a scarf: one way to keep warm in the cooler fall evenings is to simply add a scarf to your ensemble.

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