Fall Fashion Trends – wear now and later pt. 2

Trend Alert: Snakeskin!


Have you noticed that snakeskin print seems to be everywhere?  Literally. EVERYWHERE?  This is a hot trend with a timeless feel. This print has been a part of fashion for many years, and the vintage pieces you’ll find at your local Goodwill store will be a new treasured piece in your wardrobe. Think of your snakeskin pieces as neutrals, and wear them with everything! Here are some ideas how to wear snakeskin now and later!



A snakeskin pant is a fun alternative to jeans. Pair them with colorful blouse now.  SHOPPERS HINT: remember think of the print as a neutral. Whatever you’d wear with your favorite jeans or black trousers try with a snakeskin pant.


When boot weather officially arrives, pair your snake print pants with your favorite cozy sweater. Maybe in the season’s ‘it’ color Sugar Almond? SHOPPERS HINT: Try a cape or poncho with the pants, or search out a fun ski style sweater in the men’s department!



For all of you fashion forward divas, try this look with your snake print boots now. Break out a basic walking short, pair it with a sweater or turtleneck to create a monochromatic look, add a little sass with the snake print boot…and you know you are going to turn heads when you leave the house! SHOPPERS HINT: Add a statement belt to the look to finish your outfit.


When winter arrives, the same feeling of the short outfit can be a wardrobe favorite. Simply swap out the shorts for your favorite black jeans or ankle pants. SHOPPERS HINT: Goodwill is a great place to find a vintage jacket with fur trim!

We’d love to see your #dressingroomselfies showing what you found in this color at your Goodwill Store! Post your finds on social media, and use the following hashtags: #GoodwillTrends #KathyFriendStylist


Fall Fashion Trends – wear now and later

How to wear fashion trends Now and Later

I know the calendar says it’s Fall, but the temps outside still say it’s summer. Here are some ideas on how to wear one of our favorite fall trends now and later.


One of the most popular colors this season is called Sugar Almond. This is a great autumnal color that you need to search for now at your local Goodwill Store.  This color looks good on just about everyone, and will definitely be a hue you’ll want to add into your wardrobe.  Think of this color as a neutral. It really looks nice with a lot of other colors. Here are some ideas on how to wear it now…and later!


Wear this deep fall hue with colors that feel more like warm weather. TREND TIP: The colors shown above are actually from the Fall trend color palate. When worn together, they feel very warm-weather. But, when paired with dark neutrals (like Sugar Almond), they take on an autumn feel.


This brown hue is easy to wear now and keep cool.  Find an easy light weight pant, and pair it with your favorite summer blouse or t shirt. SHOPPERS HINT: if searching for a paper bag waist pant like above, look for trousers that are in a larger size than you normally wear. The key is to have this style unstructured and slouchy.


This color looks great with denim blue. Longer skirts are very on-trend this season, finding one in Sugar Almond and pairing it with a denim shirt will look fantastic on you! TREND TIP: Silk and satin skirts are all the rage right now. Look for this style skirt at your Goodwill Store, and don’t be afraid to try something in a different size. Make it your own with a big belt or cutting a slit in the side.


Once the temperature outside catches up with the calendar, this rich fall color can easily work into the other bold colors of the season. TREND TIP: The darker colors above are also part of this season’s trendy color palate. Prints that have all of these colors in them will be everywhere!


Adding a shoe or boot in this color will be your favorite go-to this season. And, yes. You can wear black and brown together! SHOPPERS TIP: Shop for basics that are high quality pieces… things you will wear for many years…and of course, pieces you can wear a number of different ways. If you can’t think of 3 different ways to wear something, it might not be a smart addition to your wardrobe.


You will see a lot of plaid this season, and chances are you’ll see Sugar Almond in many of these prints. A cute skirt and chunky sweater is perfect for cool fall nights. SHOPPERS HINT: look in the men’s section for this color too!

We’d love to see your #dressingroomselfies showing what you found in this color at your Goodwill Store! Post your finds on social media, and use the following hashtags: #GoodwillTrends #KathyFriendStylist


Autumn / Winter Trends for Kids

Fashion and kids seem to be 2 words that (when said together) add a lot of stress to the family budget. As a Mom of a pre-teen, I will admit the ever-changing likes and dislikes of my daughter could easily break the bank. On the other hand, I want her to embrace her own sense of style.  We all know when we wear something that we know looks great on us, we feel better on the inside.  That is the feeling I desperately want my daughter to have every day…to feel confident and not be concerned about her clothing.
Being trendy is very important to our kids.  Even if they don’t know the word “trendy” they do know there are certain things they will wear, and things they won’t wear. Kids get much of their sense of style (and dare I say taste) from us… what they see us wear and the clothing expectations within our families.  As our kiddos grow up (sniff sniff), their sense of style comes from peers. I can’t tell you how many times my daughter has told me “but all the girls are wearing that to school”.  Can you relate?
Knowing the trends, you will be one step ahead of the wardrobe struggle in your home.   Here are some of this season’s top trends for kids:
The hot colors for boys clothing this season are similar to the hot color trends in all fashion.  You are going to be seeing a lot of Royal Blue and  Orange.  The color trends are big and bold for boys with daring color combinations, and seemingly mismatched hues.
TIP: Not sure what colors work together?  Look at a color wheel.  Colors that are next to each other, or across from each other work together. Colors that are across from one another complement each other. Colors that are next to each other match.  More details about how to match colors can be found HERE.
SHOPPING TIP:  When I shop at Goodwill for the latest trends, I quickly glance down the racks for the hot colors.  Once I find a piece that is in the color I am searching for, I look for another piece (jacket, sweater for example) that will work with it.  Again, start with a color search.
The pieces boys are going to be hunting for this season are:
  • Jeans
  • Plaid
  • graphic t-shirts

Lumberjack plaid is a hot trend across the board. This pattern has an innate boyish feel.

The graphic t-shirts this season fall into 2 categories.  They either have a vintage feel (like the one on left) or they have a whimsical kitschy feel (like the ones on the right). 

In girls fashion, the color trends are a bit softer than with the boys. A hot color combination is harvest gold and royal blue.  Other trendy colors are pastels. Notice that the trendy colors are anything but ‘fall-ish’!
SHOPPING TIP: Some of the girls trends this season have a boy-ish feel.  Don’t discount looking in the boys section.

Girls clothing this season has a distinct dressed-up casual feel.  Hot pieces for girls this season are:
  • Skater skirts (circle skirts)
  • Lumberjack Plaid
  • 50’s inspired (or Western) floral 

DIY TIP: If you are crafty, try this DIY circle skirt.  Find a great plaid skirt at Goodwill and make your daughter an adorable skirt!  

Hopefully these tips and tricks will help you be the coolest Mom on the block. I would love to hear how you are letting your kids show their style personalities this season, and what you have found at your local Goodwill store. Post comments and pics here, or use hash-tag #GoodwillMichianaFallFashion on Pinterest and Instagram!

the thing about kids…and fashion trends

I have an 11 year old daughter who has strong opinions about her wardrobe (don’t all 11 year old girls?).  Her opinion and mine are vastly different when it comes to school clothes. This back-to-school season I decided I was done arguing about her clothes every morning.  She and I went to Starbucks and had a “fashion meeting”.

Truth is I want her to show her individuality in her wardrobe. I’m glad she isn’t uber obsessed with fashion (I couldn’t afford it!). At our “fashion meeting” I explained to her that I am concerned about things fitting properly, being age appropriate and not unisex (I insist she wear ‘girls’ clothing, not sports wear that are for gals and guys…at least to school). She agreed and we developed our school-clothes rules.

They are:

  • Things must fit (not too small and not too big)
  • Be cool, trendy (whatever that definition is in her 11 year old world)
  • Not look like she is wearing her old-mom’s clothes.  Her clothing must be age appropriate.
  •  Must not be uni-sex.  Must be clothing for girls.

Based on our new agreement (or fashion rules), I then decided that we should choose a style for her. She got to tell me what her personality was through her clothes. She showed me things online she liked, and we went to the mall and she pointed out things in stores she thought was cool.

Some of today’s trends in kids clothes make me take pause when I consider what our kids clothes are saying about their personality.  But, we as responsible parents, need to know what is fashionable (or what “all the kids are wearing”) so when we have these conversations with our teens and pre-teens about wardrobe choices, we are doing so from an educated viewpoint.And of course, to show our kids that we are still cool (*wink*).

Here are 2 big trends in kids clothing this fall.  Or in other words – the stuff your kids are going to be begging for…if they haven’t already!

This can be a tricky one because pieces that kids like are EXPENSIVE!  Try this: get a great hoodie, denim jacket, or puffy vest from your local Goodwill store.  Then put on your “crafty” hat and DIY!  This tutorial shows you how to get in on this trend in just 5 easy steps.

Camo and skulls are still big in kids fashion.  Camo has been around a while, look for it this season in bright trendy colors.  For some of us, the camo thing can be a little much for little ones.  Consider a DIY Camo sweatshirt! 

I would love to hear how you’ve calmed the ‘school clothes’ battle in your home! Any suggestions for the rest of us?



I am dying for all the new trends this season. So much so that I have become a bit overwhelmed! Honestly, I found that my shopping list was longer than my budget. Something had to be done.

I needed to consult with some colleagues.

I spent some time talking-shop with a Hollywood stylist in LA a few weeks ago. Our girl’s lunch consisted of a lot of hummus and fashion magazines! Here is the list of this season’s top MUST have’s (and note – most of the  pictures are from the runway at the Goodwill Little Black Dress Luncheon in Valparaiso last week)!


A great outdoor coat will go over last season’s jeans, your simple spring/summer sheath dresses and the leggings and turtleneck you’ve been wearing for years.

Get creative with your choice this year.  Consider a vintage find from your local Goodwill store, like this saddle toned beauty.  Belting it with a wide leather belt will give it a new vibe.



For me, I will be going for a leather skirt, leather tank-style top and leather trimmed leggings. Oh wait – I said one thing leather didn’t I?

Look at your lifestyle and see what fits in best and will be the most wearable for you. A transitional leather jacket is a great start, like the ones pictured from Michiana Goodwill Stores.  Be sure to look for details like interesting colors, texture and hardware.


Who doesn’t love a cute sweatshirt?  For those of us who get the kids off to school, run off to the gym and then work from home, the sweatshirt is a staple in our work-wardrobe. And let’s be honest, generally the sweatshirts we are wearing every day aren’t ones we SHOULD be wearing.

Let’s up the style and sass factor this season!  This trend is something you can DIY very easily.  The style is a sweatshirt with a lace insert on the back, sheer sleeves or interesting detail on the seams. I like to call it a “dressed up sweatshirt”. You can wear this wardrobe staple with jeans or pull on with a simple knit skirt.

Find a great sweatshirt at Goodwill and check out these ideas how to DIY from Pinterest.


The shoe boot is back with a vengeance this season!

Feel free to wear that shoe-boot (or sha-bootie) with EVERYTHING!  Skirts, pants, jeans, leggings – and dare I say shorts?

The key trend is an open toe boot.  And yes, it is on-trend to wear the open toed version with tights!

all others from the Goodwill Little Black Dress Fashion Show in Valparaiso, Sept 2013

Take Your Wardrobe Into Fall…with your summer clothes

Over the past few months, I’ve offered several tips on adding in some current trend into your wardrobe.  You might remember the tips on shorts, bathing suits, and even dresses posted on this blog.

As summer winds down and the kids head back to school I thought it would be a good idea to look at our closet to decide what we can wear as we transition into fall.
  • Summer fabrics: things like gauze and linen are distinctive summer fabrics and won’t work in the fall.  Move these things to your “out of season” wardrobe, or donate at your local Goodwill store. 
  • Shorts:although short suits were a huge trend in early Spring, going into fall keep wearing walking shorts, but pair them with an ankle boot.  As the weather gets cooler, try a colored or textured tight with the shorts! 
  • Summer Dresses:  add tights to your summer dresses, or try boots. The best summer dresses to keep around are those without a distinct summer pattern (i.e. bold floral).  
  • Bare Some Skin: it’s OK to start wearing those fall dresses and skirts now, just keep a bare leg.  This will keep you cool in the warmer fall days, but is a great way to transition to tights and boots. 
  • Sandals:  keep your toes exposed well into autumn.  My general rule is it’s OK to wear toe-bearing shoes until the first frost. The sock/sandal trend we seen in fashion magazines and on the runways is a trend that is very hard to pull off.  To avoid a fopah – skip it. 
  • Colors:start wearing the trendy colors of fall (don’t know what those colors are?  Sign up for my newsletter HERE and get the Fall-Winter 2013 Trend Report for FREE!) 
  • Add a scarf: one way to keep warm in the cooler fall evenings is to simply add a scarf to your ensemble.

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