Bathing Suit tips for Summer 2013

Well, the season is finally here…the time of the year we learn how to masterfully suck-it-in, creatively wear a towel as a skirt and head to the beach or pool.

This summer, I challenge you to embrace your curves and fluff.  To that end…I offer some tips and tricks to make this bathing suit season your best yet! 


Carry a cover up with you wherever you go, and make sure that the cover up is one that dries quickly.  There is nothing more unsightly than a wet pair of shorts over a bathing suit.  Be creative with your coverups.  Maybe a men’s button up might make a cute cover up (wearing it as a dress), or athletic wear that dries quickly, or maybe even a lightweight summer jacket?
As you scour your local Goodwill, be sure to keep an open mind and be creative with what might be able to be used as a coverup.


Getting a great suit is all about dealing with your “situations“…or as some of my friends call it, fluff; those fluffy situations that seem to sit right at our midsections and on our hips. Here are some easy tips to camouflage the area:

  • Fabric:  the first thing to look for is a bathing suit with a lot of lycra or spandex. This will hold everything in. When you are seeking out a bathing suit at a Thrift Store, remember to be sure the elastic still has some spring in it, and the fabric still has stretch. 
  • Style:  A tankini style with rouching is the best for concealing the midsection. Rouching are small gathers at the side of the top that create a drape across the midsection.  If you can find a suit with side panels AND rouching – SCORE! Don’t be opposed to purchasing 2 bathing suits at Goodwill, and using the top to one and bottom to another…but be sure to do this on a 50% off sale day!
  • A tankini with a patterned top.  The pattern will act like camouflage.  Pattern and rouching – double score on the slimming factor!

But, for some of us, the midsection isn’t’ the part of our silhouette we are the most self conscious about, so here are some other tips:

Heavy Arms 
Shifting attention away from the neckline / shoulder area will be key for you.  Look for a suit with detail at the center, something that creates vertical interest. Another thing to consider is your coverup.  Coverups should match your bathing suit.  Going monochromatic here is a good choice.

Small Bust 
Look for suits that have a lot of detail or embellishment on the top. Things like ruffles, maybe metal rings on the straps or even a pattern with a lot of contrast (that demands attention).  Contrasting colors (like pink and orange) will make the top ‘pop’. 

Large Bust 

Make sure you choose a top with an underwire support.  Many manufacturers offer bathing suits in bra-sizing.  This makes it simple to get a very good supportive fit.Darker prints without a lot of contrast will help to minimize.  Make sure that the coverage (in the neckline and around the under-arm area) does just that…cover
Disguise Hips 
      Skirted suits have made a comeback and are cuter than ever! Look for a skirt that is longer than the widest part of your hip.  This style tends to look more like a tennis skirt than the “swimming dresses” our grandmothers wore. Don’t love the skirted idea?  Then the opposite is best for you.  A high cut leg will elongate your leg, and help to minimize your hip.

Plain (without pattern) on the bottom with an interesting contrast top will help to balance your hips and draw attention away from your hips to your face. 

Plus Size Bathing Beauties 
Looking for suits with extra Lycra will serve you well (about 15-20% of the fabric content).  Rouching and support will be important for you.  Choose a bold print.

Finally, CHEERS to a fun-filled and fashionable summer!

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Other Tips: