Style Tip – Shorts! Which are best for your body type?

Hot Trend Alert: Shorts! 
For years, we’ve been told by the fashion world wearing shorts isn’t trendy.  The tides have certainly changed, and shorts are all the rage!   Shorts are becoming more and more accepted in casual office environments and for ladies of every age.  But the question seems to be…what shorts look best on you?
In this month’s fashion post, I’m answering your short questions with some easy and practical tips to help you look your best this summer.

The most flattering cut for every body type is the walking short.  This is a mid-length short is  perfect to pair with a suit jacket and heels for the day, a silk blouse for evening or flip-flops and a tank top for the beach on the weekend.  The length of the short is about an 8” inseam, and should hit you right above your knee cap. 

BEWARE IF:  You are petite (under 5’4”) – be sure to balance your silhouette with a wedge sandal – the higher the better!
STYLE TIP:  Look for a walking short that has a slimmer fit.  This will be the most flattering, and not overwhelm your silhouette. 
 ** Shorts from Goodwill Industries

The best short for someone who is petite (under 5’4”) or who has an inseam under 31” is a mid-thigh short.  This would be one with an inseam of about 5”, that hits your leg right where your fingertips touch your thigh. 
BEWARE IF:  You have very long legs, or are tall.  The shorter length of this style can off-set the proportion of your silhouette.  If you choose to wear this shorter length, be sure to finish your look with a flat sandal.  
STYLE TIP:  Choose a short that does not have a cuff.  A cuffed hem is a design detail that brings attention to a part of the body (your hips) that you may be trying to camouflage.   

The best short for someone who is petite (under 5’4”) or who has an inseam under 31” is a mid-thigh short.  This would be one with an inseam of about 5”, that hits your leg right where your fingertips touch your thigh.


 ** Shorts from Goodwill Industries

The best short for curvy gals, or ladies who have heavier thighs is a longer length.  A walking short (sometimes called a Bermuda short) is a good choice.
BEWARE IF:  If your body shape is “A” shaped, or pear (in other words, if you carry your weight on the bottom half), be sure to bring attention to the top of your silhouette with a brighter color of top or jewelry. Keep all the details on the top of your outfit, no stripes on your shorts, no fancy pockets, cuffs or contrast stitching.  The simpler the better.
STYLE TIP:  A heel over 2” will always elongate your leg, and make you look thinner. It has been said for every inch you wear on your feet, you will appear 5lbs thinner! 

For ladies who have long thin legs, bring some oomph to your bottom half with either a rolled boyfriend short or a short with some swing or interesting detail like a skort.  This idea of additional fabric will balance your thinner bottom half with your shoulders.  Keep the top of your outfit simple, and focus all the attention on your bottom ½.  

BEWARE IF:  If you have wider hips check the length of your shorts.  You want to be sure they are longer than your fingertips.
STYLE TIP:  When wearing a floaty unstructured short pair it with something more form fitting on top.

Stop by Goodwill to find the perfect pair of shorts to flatter your shape and show off this hot trend. To find a store near you, click here!

I would love to hear what your favorite summer short looks are! 

DIY Holiday Sparkle for your wardrobe

Nothing says “holiday outfit” more than a little (or a lot) of sparkle!  But spending that much money on something you will wear a hand-full of times isn’t a wise investment of your clothing budget.

The great looks you crave can be yours at a fraction of the cost if you are willing to get a little crafty!

DIY Brooch Necklace
Brooch necklaces are expensive.  What if I told you that you could easily make one and be the envy of all your friends this holiday season? Check this out…

The web is full of ideas on how to make your own brooch necklace.  I have tried many of these and have learned a lot through that process.  The key to making a nice looking necklace is wire. Leave it to Martha Stewart to come up with a step-by-step guide at making a fantastic brooch necklace. 

You Will Need:

  1.  A collection of brooches, pins and earrings.  Make sure they all have some element in common (all pearls, all rhinestones, all silver, a specific color, etc.).  These are good things to search for at Goodwill.  When hunting for a nice collection, be sure that the backs of the pieces are open (you will want to hook all the pieces together with wire).
  2. Wire – make sure the wire you get is specifically for jewelry. Trust me, floral wire won’t work (and I won’t admit why I know that).
  3. Ribbon – I have found that a thicker grosgrain is best, however a silk will work too. If the ribbon style isn’t for you, try a thick chain.  Find a chain necklace (that has a solid clasp) at Goodwill, and use that as the launching pad for your own design.

Several years ago I met this woman who had the most amazing stilettos. I asked her where she found them, and she replied “I made them”.  This was a time before Pinterest, so I couldn’t imagine someone would MAKE something like that.

To take on the task of an entire shoe in glitter or sequins is a bit daunting, so why not try just the heels?   There is a simple You Tube video on how to do this.  Check it out HERE.

Of course if you are more confident in your crafting abilities, try gluing sequins to a full shoe.  The results will be AMAZING! 

You Will Need:

  1. Shoes with a great heel from Goodwill
  2. Craft Glue (I agree with the version in the video, it works the best.)
  3. Glitter or sequins.  Many times you can find craft supplies at Goodwill. Before heading to the craft store, be sure to look at your local Goodwill first.  You may be surprised by what you find!

Sequin skirts are very trendy. The most wearable styles are those that have some sequin embellishment. Why can’t you just emblish yourself? Of course you can!

I found this great blog with lots of DIY clothing ideas.  I LOVE this sequin skirt idea.  So simple!

You Will Need:
1. A skirt. Go to Goodwill and find one in a color and style that is perfect for your project.
2. Some sequins. I have found that you can find great sequins on other things at Goodwill.  Look through the sweater asise, you might be suprised what you find!
3.  Needle and Thread.  I have also affixed embellishments with Stich Witchery. That can work if you are using a fairly large piece of sequined fabric.

Bathing Suit tips for Summer 2013

Well, the season is finally here…the time of the year we learn how to masterfully suck-it-in, creatively wear a towel as a skirt and head to the beach or pool.

This summer, I challenge you to embrace your curves and fluff.  To that end…I offer some tips and tricks to make this bathing suit season your best yet! 


Carry a cover up with you wherever you go, and make sure that the cover up is one that dries quickly.  There is nothing more unsightly than a wet pair of shorts over a bathing suit.  Be creative with your coverups.  Maybe a men’s button up might make a cute cover up (wearing it as a dress), or athletic wear that dries quickly, or maybe even a lightweight summer jacket?
As you scour your local Goodwill, be sure to keep an open mind and be creative with what might be able to be used as a coverup.


Getting a great suit is all about dealing with your “situations“…or as some of my friends call it, fluff; those fluffy situations that seem to sit right at our midsections and on our hips. Here are some easy tips to camouflage the area:

  • Fabric:  the first thing to look for is a bathing suit with a lot of lycra or spandex. This will hold everything in. When you are seeking out a bathing suit at a Thrift Store, remember to be sure the elastic still has some spring in it, and the fabric still has stretch. 
  • Style:  A tankini style with rouching is the best for concealing the midsection. Rouching are small gathers at the side of the top that create a drape across the midsection.  If you can find a suit with side panels AND rouching – SCORE! Don’t be opposed to purchasing 2 bathing suits at Goodwill, and using the top to one and bottom to another…but be sure to do this on a 50% off sale day!
  • A tankini with a patterned top.  The pattern will act like camouflage.  Pattern and rouching – double score on the slimming factor!

But, for some of us, the midsection isn’t’ the part of our silhouette we are the most self conscious about, so here are some other tips:

Heavy Arms 
Shifting attention away from the neckline / shoulder area will be key for you.  Look for a suit with detail at the center, something that creates vertical interest. Another thing to consider is your coverup.  Coverups should match your bathing suit.  Going monochromatic here is a good choice.

Small Bust 
Look for suits that have a lot of detail or embellishment on the top. Things like ruffles, maybe metal rings on the straps or even a pattern with a lot of contrast (that demands attention).  Contrasting colors (like pink and orange) will make the top ‘pop’. 

Large Bust 

Make sure you choose a top with an underwire support.  Many manufacturers offer bathing suits in bra-sizing.  This makes it simple to get a very good supportive fit.Darker prints without a lot of contrast will help to minimize.  Make sure that the coverage (in the neckline and around the under-arm area) does just that…cover
Disguise Hips 
      Skirted suits have made a comeback and are cuter than ever! Look for a skirt that is longer than the widest part of your hip.  This style tends to look more like a tennis skirt than the “swimming dresses” our grandmothers wore. Don’t love the skirted idea?  Then the opposite is best for you.  A high cut leg will elongate your leg, and help to minimize your hip.

Plain (without pattern) on the bottom with an interesting contrast top will help to balance your hips and draw attention away from your hips to your face. 

Plus Size Bathing Beauties 
Looking for suits with extra Lycra will serve you well (about 15-20% of the fabric content).  Rouching and support will be important for you.  Choose a bold print.

Finally, CHEERS to a fun-filled and fashionable summer!

Cover Up:
Other Tips:


New trends mean new colors.  This season is no different.  The color story is a wild tale of typical Spring pastel hues, and a mix of vibrant tones.


The hot color of the season is Emerald green.  We are seeing this Emerald green color paired with a mix of hues ranging from Dusk Blue, Linen to Grayed Jade.

The HOT HOT color combo of the season is Poppy Red with Grayed Jade or Emerald.

The key to knowing if you can wear these new hues lies in an honest look at yourself in the mirror.  Take a look at your eye color, skin tone and hair color.  Look at the overall contrast in your look.  For example, if you have blue eyes, blonde hair and medium skin tone you could say that you have soft contrast coloring. If you have dark hair, brown eyes and dark skin you could say you have a deep contrast. Make sure that the tones of the colors you choose this season are inline with the contrast in your own natural coloring. For example, if you have a soft contrast in your look, choose colors that have a soft hue to them (Grayed Jade or Dusk Blue for example).  Likewise if you would say your over all natural coloring falls in the deep category, then the hues you wear should be deeper, higher pigmented tones (Emerald and Monaco Blue, for example).

A tip my shopping mentor gave me was to print out the seasons hot colors and carry them with you (go HERE for an easy reference to print).   Take this reference sheet to your local Goodwill store and simply look for these colors. Choosing something that has a vintage feel, and pairing it in a fashion forward way by teaming it up with a trendy color combination will make you an instant fashionista!

Pinterest is a great place to check out trends.  Be sure to follow my Spring Summer 2013 board on Pinterest!

What to Wear NOW! …the white shirt

The classic white shirt.  There are a thousand ways to wear the white shirt:
·        Tucked
·        Untucked
·        Untucked and belted
·         ½ tucked (tucked in front but not the back)
·        Open like a jacket
·        As a layering piece under a sweater or jacket
·        Oversized and tied in the front
A great white shirt is something you will have in your closet for a long time.  It is also something that once it wears out, you realize how much you really wear this classic piece.
The best white blouses I have found were at Goodwill.  Looking for some with a variety of details and cuts will let you have even more options in your closet.  Look for:
  •       No signs of wear, specifically stains (look closely in the arm pit, this is where stains and pilling show up first) 
  • Missing buttons?  No problem, changing out the buttons may make this classic really sassy and hip. 
  • Straight hem – as opposed to a shirt-tail hem.  This will give you more options to wear it untucked 
  • Oversized and longer – wearing your shirt as a tunic? A great idea! 
  • Something more structured and fitted. Perfect as a layering piece.

Fall/Winter trends…TWEED

You have probably noticed the posters in our local Goodwill stores that show trends of the season.  Our fashion Guru, Kathy Friend, has some tips on those trends!

First, the TWEED trend.

This trend is a classically inspired one, and reminds me of the styles of eras gone by.  Look for tweed that has some vintage feel to it and some color.  I love a nubby tweed with a lot of texture and some kind of unexpected color (like pink!).

Wear tweed in small doses.  Even if you find a great tweed suit, I would caution you to NOT wear those pieces together.  The current way to wear tweed would be to break up those pieces, and make the tweed texture THE statement of your outfit. 

To see more ideas on this trend, visit: KATHY’S PINTEREST PAGE

summer trends, stripes

Have you notices in Michiana Goodwill stores trend boards that look something like this? We are Goodwill are dedicated to make sure you are shopping for on-trend clothing for you and your family.

Our fashion guru Kathy Friend has provided these trend boards for us each season to help you know exactly what is trendy! In the upcoming days / weeks, we will be sharing the 4 big trends of the season with you…here and of course in all of our Goodwill stores!

 Kathy’s Summer Trend Tip:

The stripe trend will continue through Fall – which makes this fashionista very happy!  I love stripes, and continually am searching for different ways to wear them.

Try something a little daring and pair your stripes with another print.

The key to wearing strips is fairly simple…keep the weight of the stripe in line with your stature.  In other words, if you are a petite little thing make sure the stripes you wear are thinner.  Also keep in mind wherever you wear stripes you are going to gain attention.  If you don’t want attention around your hips, make sure you don’t don a stripe there!

Summer Fashion Trends – black and white

Have you notices in Michiana Goodwill stores trend boards that look something like this?  We are Goodwill are dedicated to make sure you are shopping for on-trend clothing for you and your family.

Our fashion guru Kathy Friend has provided these trend boards for us each season to help you know exactly what is trendy!  In the upcoming days / weeks, we will be sharing the 4 big trends of the season with you…here and of course in all of our Goodwill stores!

Kathy’s Summer Trend Tip:

Here we see the summer trend – black and white.

Black and White is always in-fashion, and this summer is no exception!  To make this look fresh, add a touch of camel (tan) to an all white outfit!  And be sure to mix trends with this black and white feel: stripes and baroque are 2 big print and pattern trends.

Adding interest with color is a great way to mask figure flaws when wearing our favorite black and white looks.  Trying to hide mid-section issues?  Then add a pop of color at your feet, or with your jewelry (or maybe bright red lips!).