What to Wear NOW! …the white shirt

The classic white shirt.  There are a thousand ways to wear the white shirt:
·        Tucked
·        Untucked
·        Untucked and belted
·         ½ tucked (tucked in front but not the back)
·        Open like a jacket
·        As a layering piece under a sweater or jacket
·        Oversized and tied in the front
A great white shirt is something you will have in your closet for a long time.  It is also something that once it wears out, you realize how much you really wear this classic piece.
The best white blouses I have found were at Goodwill.  Looking for some with a variety of details and cuts will let you have even more options in your closet.  Look for:
  •       No signs of wear, specifically stains (look closely in the arm pit, this is where stains and pilling show up first) 
  • Missing buttons?  No problem, changing out the buttons may make this classic really sassy and hip. 
  • Straight hem – as opposed to a shirt-tail hem.  This will give you more options to wear it untucked 
  • Oversized and longer – wearing your shirt as a tunic? A great idea! 
  • Something more structured and fitted. Perfect as a layering piece.