Creatively Wrapping Gifts With Goodwill Items

Christmas is quickly approaching and this is the holiday where the crafter in me rejoices not only for the Christmas crafts I get the opportunity to create, but the opportunity to package those gifts beautifully under our tree. Goodwill can be a great place to check for, not only your gifts, but also items to creatively package those gifts in a unique way.

Yarn Embellishments- It is rare to stop at Goodwill and not see craft supplies that have been donated. Yarn is one of those inexpensive craft supplies that I love to use when packaging my gifts. Whether it is a yarn pom pom in lieu of a bow, multiple colors of yarn that have been woven together to create a unique packaging detail, or even knitted or crocheted embellishments can make beautiful gift toppers. (Image Source: Persia Lou)

Gift Card Snow Globes- Gift cards can often feel impersonal, but are often just what the recipient has asked for or needs. Package those gift cards creatively by vising the Housewares section at Goodwill and hunting for jars that can be used to create your very own gift card snow globes. Little ones can participate in the fun in creating these adorable craft. Look for small items to decorate the inside of your snow globe and spray paint those thrift store lids with a festive green or red spray paint to spruce it up. (Source: The Creative Mama)

Fabric Flowers- Visit Goodwill on the half off days or select items that are on sale that week to find material from clothing items that can be used to creatively embellish your gifts. Cut scraps of fabric to create homespun bows or cut the fabric into easy circles and create a fabric flower that can be personalized with unique buttons or costume jewelry for creatively topping them. Even items like t-shirts can be used to make elegant flowers for a unique addition to boxes or kraft paper gift bags. (Source: MomAdvice)

Book Page Rosettes- Book pages are the ultimate in frugal craft materials and are a fantastic resource for creating your very own gift toppers. With a simple pair of scissors and a little glue, you can top your gifts beautifully and inexpensively with rosettes made from book pages. (Source: Under the Table & Dreaming)

Beauty Gift Additions- Gifts of beauty items like sugar scrubs or bath salts can be a fun and thoughtful gift to give and made with materials in your pantry. I love to add a simple addition of a vintage spoon and package these items in a mason jar found at my Goodwill store. Find a jar you love, but can’t find a lid? Simple bands and jar lids can be found at your local discount store and freshen up a jar with a tired lid or be the perfect topper for a jar that might be missing one. (Source: MomAdvice)

Salt & Cinnamon Dough Toppers– Remember making simple salt dough ornaments or cinnamon-filled dough ornaments for the holidays? These are still a fun way to top gifts and can be made from some simple ingredients in your pantry. Grab a salt dough recipe here or look for the cinnamon dough recipe over here. Tie these on with scraps of fabric from Goodwill items. The best part about these toppers is that they later can be used as an ornament to adorn your tree. (Source: Simply Savannah Events)

What are some creative ways you love to package your gifts? I would love to hear from you! 

Great Gifts to Give Teachers from Goodwill

As the school year draws to a close, it is a great time to think about honoring all of the hard work that your kid’s teachers have put in for your family. This past week was Teacher Appreciation Week and I couldn’t wait to deliver our fun gifts to our hardworking teachers.  Both of my children have been so blessed this school year to have teachers who love and care for them each day. It was such an honor to get to give a little love back to them for all they do.

End-of-year gifts are a thoughtful way to say thank you to your teachers who have dedicated their time to helping your children grow and learn. Here are a few of my favorite gifts to give and how you can make Goodwill a part of those gifts!

Frame a Fun Printable– Head to your local Goodwill and find a frame that you can use to frame a fun free printable for your teacher. I love to hunt for these inexpensive frames and then give them a fresh new look with a coat of spray paint.

I made these, “Raise Your Hand if You Mustache a Question,” printables for our teachers for the holidays and they loved them with spray painted red frames. They coordinate perfectly with a white thrift store mug adorned with a painted mustache.  I also really love this fabulous printable from eighteen25 that reminds the class to listen to their teachers. What teacher would not love that?

Create a Pretty Pin– This year I have become obsessed with making cute pins and have found a way to incorporate these pins on everything from bags to belts to jewelry. Teachers will love these fun accessories and it is an easy way to say thank you without spending a lot.  Pins can be created from recycled Goodwill t-shirts or you can create elegant roses from a felted Goodwill sweater or use fabric from a cute shirt you can snag on their sale rack.

Bake a Treat– One gift that I think says I truly appreciate you is spending time in the kitchen baking something special for someone you love. Visit Goodwill to find cute tins, plates, or even bake them right in the baking pans you find at your store. The best part about packaging these delicious treats with Goodwill packaging is that you don’t have to worry about getting your dishes returned back to you. I highly recommend these Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt Brownies for a treat that will knock your teacher’s socks off!  Just be prepared to have to share the recipe once they have tried them.

Give a Gift of Pampering– If there is one thing that you can find at Goodwill, it is a plethora of mason jars that can be used for all of your craft projects. Consider giving your teacher a gift to pamper herself and packaging it in a Goodwill mason jar and attach a spoon, that you can also find there.  Mix up some easy bath salts or a hand scrub that she can use to treat herself.

Give Them Something They Can Use– This year I decided to give our teachers a fun teacher supplies cake that I made with school materials I knew they might be missing in their classrooms. Check the office supplies at Goodwill to see if you can find items you can weave into a school supplies cake for your teacher. You will often find great folders, binders, and new office supplies that could easily create tiers for a cute school supplies cake to replenish their supplies for next year. Simply configure your supplies and stack them on top of each other, securing with a little packing tape to hold everything together. Half of the fun in this craft is in the creating of your cake. Adorn it with a little ribbon and a picture of your child with a thoughtful message of thanks.

What is one gift you love to create with Goodwill supplies for your teachers? We would love to hear your ideas! 

10 Unique Ideas for Projects to Do With Goodwill T-Shirts

Goodwill is one of my favorite places to visit for craft supplies and to find ideas for upcycling donated items. If you have ever been in a Goodwill store, one thing you will notice is that there is an abundance and plethora of donated t-shirts in every size, style, variety, and color.

The next time you visit your local Goodwill store, don’t just visit the t-shirts in your own size for ideas. Look in the Men’s section and in the larger sizes to find t-shirts that will offer you extra and a generous amount of craft material for the same amount of money as your smaller t-shirts. Try to select t-shirts that are not as faded or that have fabric pills on them for optimal material for your projects.

Today I wanted to share with you ten of my favorite projects that I have found to do with old t-shirts from your Goodwill store from some very amazing bloggers. I love that all of these ideas are extremely unique and that most require no sewing skills at all.

1. T-Shirt Scarves– I have seen lots of varieties of t-shirt scarves on many different blogs, but I absolutely love this DIY Dish episode you can watch to discover three different varieties of scarves you can make from an old t-shirt. My favorite is the one, pictured above, with a bright pom-pom trim.

2. T-Shirt Bibs– If you are looking for a fast sewing project that would make a fun baby gift, then these t-shirt bibs are the project for you. For little boys, you could look for their dad’s favorite sports teams and for little girls you could look for a fun t-shirt with sparkly letters or flowers. Don’t forget that these could also be embellished with rick-rack, ribbon trim, or an easy t-shirt rolled rosette flower.

3. T-Shirt Bracelets– There are many varieties of cute bracelets that I have seen using t-shirt materials, but this one has to be one of my favorites. This twisted knot bracelet can be made from just a single t-shirt or it could be made with a mix of prints or a mix of solid colors. I can’t wait to make some of these for myself and my daughter this summer. Nothing could be cozier than a gently worn t-shirt bracelet on your arm!

4. T-Shirt Produce Bag– Nothing could be greener than carrying your groceries in a cloth grocery bag…until you start using recycled materials for your bag. Even if you are a beginning sewer, this simple produce bag can easily be created for a visit to the grocery store of your local farmer’s market. I think these would be fun to make in a variety of pastel colors or to give as a gift to someone special in your life.

5. T-Shirt Pom Poms– Looking for a fun way to dress up your home for the warmer months? I absolutely love these adorable t-shirt pom poms for a fun way to add a pop of color to your mantle, as a fun adornment to a wreath, or hung in a gathering on a door handle or front door. The best part about this project is that no sewing skills are required for this one!

6. Petal Tees– I have seen many, many refashions of old t-shirts, but I think this Petal Tee is simply genius because the petal trim on this t-shirt is made from a variety of t-shirts, adding a cute pop of color for the Spring. Visit Goodwill on their half off days and stock-up on a fun mixture of colors for a fun addition of color to your wardrobe. If you are looking to add a little of the fluorescent color trend to your wardrobe, this would be a great way to do it without having to commit to an entire fluorescent piece!

7. T-Shirt Yarn– My favorite craft in the world is knitting and I love the idea of using Goodwill t-shirts to create fun yarn for my projects. This would be a fun gift to give to a friend that knits or crochets. If you can use a pair of scissors and cut in a relatively straight line, then you can do this craft and use this yarn for a variety of projects!

8. T-Shirt Aprons– I have a true affection for aprons and have a little collection of my own thrifted aprons that I have acquired from Goodwill and other antique shops. I had never thought to use t-shirts to create aprons, but I think this t-shirt apron is the cutest thing I have ever seen. This would be a cute craft to make for yourself or for your helpers in the kitchen. The best part? No ironing required and it can handle the messes that you might make in the kitchen.

9. T-Shirt Necklaces– I love t-shirt necklaces for adding a splash of color to your neckline. This rolled rosette t-shirt necklace is a fun way to add some feminine details to your outfit very inexpensively. I think it would be cute to make the t-shirt bracelet in a coordinating color and one Goodwill t-shirt should more than cover both of these cute projects.

Our tenth project is actually a fun t-shirt project we did here on the Goodwill blog. Be sure to visit my tutorial on creating a cute t-shirt flower pin made from an old t-shirt and spray painted clip-on earrings. This is so cute and would be a fun addition to a Spring top or jacket.

What are your favorite craft projects to do with old t-shirts?

All photos featured in our collage were gathered from the blogs that were featured. Please visit these blogs for tutorials and instructions on completing these projects!

What to do with ties

A few months back, I became obsessed with ties. I saw a skirt that someone had made out of old ties, and decided that I needed to have one. Thing is…I have no skill with a sewing machine, so the notion of having all these great “tie” things has been dashed (insert big sigh…).

But I am sure many of you have been blessed with the crafty-gene, so here are some great ideas:

OK, really? How adorable is this? Adding this tie detail to the collar of a tee? INGENIOUS!

Love the notion of re-purposing not only ties, but this vintage chair. So cute!

Yes, this dress is made out of ties! Can you imagine? LOVE IT!

This is so creative! What a great holiday gift for that guy who has everything!

This skirt is so cute, and the thing I like the most is the face that the ties don’t look like ties!

Thanks Pinetrest for the images and ideas!