Creatively Wrapping Gifts With Goodwill Items

Christmas is quickly approaching and this is the holiday where the crafter in me rejoices not only for the Christmas crafts I get the opportunity to create, but the opportunity to package those gifts beautifully under our tree. Goodwill can be a great place to check for, not only your gifts, but also items to creatively package those gifts in a unique way.

Yarn Embellishments- It is rare to stop at Goodwill and not see craft supplies that have been donated. Yarn is one of those inexpensive craft supplies that I love to use when packaging my gifts. Whether it is a yarn pom pom in lieu of a bow, multiple colors of yarn that have been woven together to create a unique packaging detail, or even knitted or crocheted embellishments can make beautiful gift toppers. (Image Source: Persia Lou)

Gift Card Snow Globes- Gift cards can often feel impersonal, but are often just what the recipient has asked for or needs. Package those gift cards creatively by vising the Housewares section at Goodwill and hunting for jars that can be used to create your very own gift card snow globes. Little ones can participate in the fun in creating these adorable craft. Look for small items to decorate the inside of your snow globe and spray paint those thrift store lids with a festive green or red spray paint to spruce it up. (Source: The Creative Mama)

Fabric Flowers- Visit Goodwill on the half off days or select items that are on sale that week to find material from clothing items that can be used to creatively embellish your gifts. Cut scraps of fabric to create homespun bows or cut the fabric into easy circles and create a fabric flower that can be personalized with unique buttons or costume jewelry for creatively topping them. Even items like t-shirts can be used to make elegant flowers for a unique addition to boxes or kraft paper gift bags. (Source: MomAdvice)

Book Page Rosettes- Book pages are the ultimate in frugal craft materials and are a fantastic resource for creating your very own gift toppers. With a simple pair of scissors and a little glue, you can top your gifts beautifully and inexpensively with rosettes made from book pages. (Source: Under the Table & Dreaming)

Beauty Gift Additions- Gifts of beauty items like sugar scrubs or bath salts can be a fun and thoughtful gift to give and made with materials in your pantry. I love to add a simple addition of a vintage spoon and package these items in a mason jar found at my Goodwill store. Find a jar you love, but can’t find a lid? Simple bands and jar lids can be found at your local discount store and freshen up a jar with a tired lid or be the perfect topper for a jar that might be missing one. (Source: MomAdvice)

Salt & Cinnamon Dough Toppers– Remember making simple salt dough ornaments or cinnamon-filled dough ornaments for the holidays? These are still a fun way to top gifts and can be made from some simple ingredients in your pantry. Grab a salt dough recipe here or look for the cinnamon dough recipe over here. Tie these on with scraps of fabric from Goodwill items. The best part about these toppers is that they later can be used as an ornament to adorn your tree. (Source: Simply Savannah Events)

What are some creative ways you love to package your gifts? I would love to hear from you!