The Makings of a Fashion Show – part 5

The nest step is MODEL FITTINGS!

 My 2 assistants help me go through TONS of racks of clothes to pull outfit ideas together.  And by tons, I mean more than 30 racks.

We then size those outfit ideas, and sort them by each model.  Each model had 4-6 different looks to try on when they came for a fitting.  The goal is to get 3 great looks for each model to wear on the runway.

When each model comes for her fitting, we spend about 30-45 minutes going over the outfit ideas.  Generally we need to run back to the racks to find different sizes, colors etc.

Once the outfits are selected, we then start styling them.  Choosing jewelery, shoes, handbags and other fun accessories to complete each look.

The final step is to inventory and catalog each look.  We go through each look, write down exactly what each model is wearing (down to rings, necklaces, shoes).  We also make special notes for the models on specific attire concerns (i.e. proper undergarments).  All of this information is put into the computer so inventory sheets can be printed for each look.

…and now on to developing the actual show! 

The Makings of a Fashion Show – step 1, 2, 3 and 4

I am frequently asked what it really takes to pull off a fashion show. It seems so simple: get some people who want to be models, grab a few outfits, turn on some loud music and **BAM** you have a fashion show!  Right?  WRONG!

Let me be frank: it is a LOT more work than you realize!

The behind the scenes work I’ve done, alongside an amazing committee, for this year’s Little Black Dress fashion show is pretty incredible.  For the past year, we have been sitting in pow-wow sessions going through every little detail of the event.

Once we nail down the details, it’s time to start collecting clothes.  All of the Goodwill of Michiana stores have been collecting clothes for the fashion show and boutique.  The employees of each store have an amazing eye for what is trendy, stylish and designer brand names!  All of those things are then cataloged, organized, and shipped to one location where they are again cataloged and organized. 

Next, comes the really fun part – choosing our models!  This year we held model casting calls across Michiana to allow interested ladies to get information about being a model.  The calls were held at Goodwill stores, Kerri’s Avenue Salon and Bethza Professional Makeup Studio.Kerri’s has been named the event’s official hair stylist team, and Betha’s has been named the makeup artist team for the event. We are very grateful to have these pros as part of our fashion team for this event!

Typically we have a core group of 12 models who participate in the show.  This year, we had an overwhelming number of ladies show an interest.  So the committee got together, and decided to pull rabbits out of hats and expanded the number of models for the show!

I am very excited to share who has been chosen as the models for the2013 Little Black Dress Fashion Show and Luncheon!

Chavala Wilson
Cher Herald
Cheryl Hunt
Cindy Postma
Deb Miles
Diane Bennett
D’Nisha Zona
Jayne Flanagan
Joanna Holland 
Joy Decker
Liz Haynes
Maria Stancoti
Maxin Koontz
Melinda Miller
Rachel Schultz
Suzanne Purewal
Terry Kiska
Whitney Glass

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Our second call for models is this Wednesday!
We are looking for ladies interested in modeling in our 
LITTLE BLACK DRESS fashion show and luncheon.  
The event will be held on Thursday, April 25th.  

The only requirements to be considered as a model are:

  • must be at least 18 years of age
  • size 0-24
  • available on April 25th
  • available for a fitting prior to the event

For more information about specific requirements, please come to the model search or email [email protected] 

Makeup Artists & Hair Stylists Wanted!

Interested in being part of the biggest fashion show of the year?  Are you a makeup artist or expert hair stylist?  Then the Goodwill Little Black Dress Fashion Show and Luncheon is looking to add you to the fashion team!
To be considered as part of this event, please complete the following and return to:
[email protected]
Deadline: February 25th
Are you available on Thursday, April 25th from 7am – at least noon?
Do you have other stylists to assist you at the event?
Names of stylists / artists that would be at the event:
What is the maximum number of models you could prep for the runway?
What payment do you require?
Are you willing to host an open call for models at your store / salon?
Are you willing to help promote the event through social media and in your store / salon?