The Makings of a Fashion Show – part 5

The nest step is MODEL FITTINGS!

 My 2 assistants help me go through TONS of racks of clothes to pull outfit ideas together.  And by tons, I mean more than 30 racks.

We then size those outfit ideas, and sort them by each model.  Each model had 4-6 different looks to try on when they came for a fitting.  The goal is to get 3 great looks for each model to wear on the runway.

When each model comes for her fitting, we spend about 30-45 minutes going over the outfit ideas.  Generally we need to run back to the racks to find different sizes, colors etc.

Once the outfits are selected, we then start styling them.  Choosing jewelery, shoes, handbags and other fun accessories to complete each look.

The final step is to inventory and catalog each look.  We go through each look, write down exactly what each model is wearing (down to rings, necklaces, shoes).  We also make special notes for the models on specific attire concerns (i.e. proper undergarments).  All of this information is put into the computer so inventory sheets can be printed for each look.

…and now on to developing the actual show!