Farmhouse Fall Decor Bundt Pumpkin DIY

I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been LOVING this Fall weather! And no Autumn season is complete without the smell of fresh baked goods, cozy knit sweaters, and PUMPKINS! I love incorporating pumpkins in my Farmhouse Fall Decor, and this fun DIY Bundt Pumpkin was a great addition!

Making Your Own Bundt Pumpkin

If you’re like me and love finding home decor at a great price or getting crafty and making your own, there’s no better place to look than at your local Goodwill! They have everything you could ever need for home decor or DIY projects.

I stopped at my local store and picked up some supplies for my Bundt Pumpkin. If you love this DIY and want to make your own, you’ll want to stop at Goodwill and pick up…

  1. Bundt pan
  2. Wooden Candle Stick
  3. Greenery (for the leaves)

You’ll also need

  1. Spray paint
  2. Hemp String

Step One: Prep the Pieces

You’ll want to clean your bundt pan and candlestick. Mine weren’t too hard to clean, but the wax on the candlestick can be a little tricky, so double check you’ve gotten all of it.

If the spray paint you got for this project requires it or if you’re concerned about it not sticking well to your pan, you can use sand paper and rough up the surface of your pan a little. Just be sure that you clean the dust off before painting it.

Step Two: Spray Away

I couldn’t resist doing more than one Bundt Pumpkin. So, I picked a couple different paint options. One pumpkin I painted metallic orange for a more traditional Fall Home Decor feel with a modern twist. The second, I painted white for a Farmhouse Fall Decor feel. If you’re wanting an even stronger rustic feel, you could even sand distress marks after the paint has dried.

Step Three: Finishing Touches

Once the paint dries, it’s time to make it look like a pumpkin! I strung some leaves onto the hemp cord and wrapped it around the top of the candlestick. I left the cord long to look like vines from the pumpkin stem.

The candlestick I got, had a screw in the bottom and came apart perfectly to slip onto the pan. Definitely pick up a candle like this if possible because it creates a great base for your Bundt Pumpkin once you screw the bottom back on over the pan. Otherwise try to find a candle that will fit down into the pan neck. Install your candlestick however appropriate.

I kept my candlestick a natural wood color because I wanted it to resemble a real pumpkin for my Farmhouse Fall Decor, but feel free to make yours unique by painting your “stem” if you want!

Hopefully you enjoyed this easy DIY Bundt Pumpkin tutorial, and are headed to Goodwill to get started on your own! I know it’ll be the perfect addition to your Fall Home Decor.

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Fall Wreaths that Wow

I have just been loving our style features this year especially when it comes to Fall decorating. I hope you didn’t miss our gathering of Halloween decorating ideas as well as fun items to upcycle for your Fall decorating needs
Today I want to talk about dressing up a doorway, mirror, window, wall, or frame in your house. Ever since I began piecing together my first wreath for holiday-giving when I was in high school, I have really appreciated the beauty of a well-dressed door. It doesn’t have to cost a lot to create a beautiful wreath and I have a stunning collection to share with you today of unexpected ways to decorate. 
Just as a reminder, Goodwill often has donated wreaths and various floral decor that is donated. It’s a great place to start gathering items for your wreath projects and it is always a fun place to check for an unexpected detail. 

Dye Flowers to Match Your Style

Never ever feel limited by the colors you might find at your Goodwill Store because chances are really great that you can utilize a product like Rit Dye or even items in your pantry to achieve the colors you are after. Songbird Blog shows you how she utilized tea to stain white roses into the natural hues she was after. I love this so much that I can’t wait to try it on a wreath of my own! 

Fake an Expensive Wreath (Inexpensively)

One of a decorator’s best kept secrets is the ability to achieve full wreaths without spending a lot of money by simply stacking them together. I did this one year with Christmas greenery wreaths by wiring the two together to create the optical illusion of an expensive wreath. Ella Claire shows you how to wire two wreaths together to do this with two thin wreaths to make a full and visually stunning wreath for your front door. Consider buying not one, but two wreaths to create the look you are after! 

Add Charming Detail to a Pie

Wreaths don’t just have to be on doors, in fact, imagine adding a wreath detail to a wrapped gift or homemade treat. Proper shows you how she takes a beautiful homemade pie to another level altogether with a quick handmade wreath detail to shape over it. What hostess wouldn’t be wowed by this charming pie? Be sure to check Goodwill’s housewares section for beautiful pie tins that you can place your pies in for gift-giving! 

Add Unexpected Texture

Wreaths don’t need to boring and flat, in fact, some of the most beautiful wreaths incorporate fluffy feathers, burlap textures, felted details, and yarn. One of my favorite projects I have done for my own home was to replicate a ridiculously expensive Anthropologie pom-pom wreath into a beautifully affordable handmade detail for our home. You can get the scoop on how I made this with some inexpensive yarn and a few Netflix binges. I still count this as one of our favorite things in our home and love its cozy warmth all year-round!

Skip the Wreath, Try a Basket

Not everyone is an arranger of wreaths so I love the idea of adding that floral detail with a basket instead of a wreath form. Four Generations One Roof adds a beautiful floral decoration in a small basket that hangs on her door. Luckily for you, Goodwill always has loads of baskets to choose from that can be spray painted or left natural for your door decorating needs. How fun is that?

Feed the Birds With Beauty

I can’t even begin to tell you how inspired I am by this beautiful bird seed wreath made at Study At Home Mama created with her kiddos for their birds. What a thoughtful project to partner with learning about wildlife or for a day of bird-watching. I hope to try making one of these with my kids this winter for our birds!

Add a Pop of Color

There is nothing I love more than a vibrant pop of color with an unexpected texture and The Wood Grain Cottage achieves both with this beautiful apple wreath. I love how she weaves in natural elements to fill out the holes around these apples to create a cohesive piece. This would be one apple gift that a teacher really would love too when thinking of gift-giving for the holiday season. Be sure to check the store for a wreath form that you can repurpose from Goodwill. 

Get Back to Nature

Don’t want to spend a lot to create the perfect wreath? Consider hunting around the backyard for the perfect materials. House Full of Handmade made this incredible wreath out of her neighbor’s castaways when they had a tree cut down. I love the idea of filling in these details with a little moss from the craft store!  Be sure to head to her blog to see how she secured these heavy materials! 

I hope these ideas inspire you to get crafting for your own front door! Be sure to leave us a comment and let us know your favorite ways to dress a doorway! 

7 Easy Upcycle Projects for Fall

Do you love decorating for Fall as much as I do? Of all the seasons, this one is my favorite and I love that you don’t have to spend a lot to make a beautiful impact on your home during this season. Nature brings so many free and fun elements to your home decorating. Pairing these with a few simple upcycle DIY’s, you don’t have to spend a lot to make your space cozy and beautiful.

Today I want to share with you seven easy upcycle projects you can try to make yourself and your home cozy for Fall. These projects were selected with your Goodwill shopping in mind and should be easy to execute with some commonly found items at our store!

Transform Book Pages Into a Wreath

Book page projects are always my favorite and I just love this easy DIY Paper Leaf Wreath created by Nalle’s House as a whimsical element of decor to a door or window in your home. I particularly love that she uses a fallen leaf as a template to create a rustic feel to the wreath and the addition of fallen acorns really embrace the natural elements of autumn.

Turn Sweaters Into Cozy Legwarmers

Living in Indiana, a girl can never have too many layers in the colder months. I love a good legwarmer or boot cuff to add a touch of color and warmth to my wardrobe. Lucky for you, sweaters are available in every color of the rainbow at Goodwill. As Svetlana HillKovich Photography explains in her easy tutorial, this is a simple no-sew project since no one will ever see what’s lurking underneath your boots if you don’t feel like making a finished edge. So cute AND easy!

Add a Little Pottery Barn Style

Wouldn’t we all just love to fill our homes with everything from Pottery Barn? I know I would, but just can’t justify the expense especially when it comes to simple seasonal decor. Live Laugh Rowe replicates these elegant mason jars filled with seasonal filler and votives for families on a budget. Glass jars are always something I can snag at my store and filler for these can be purchased at your local craft store (with a great coupon, of course!) 

Create a Book Page Pumpkin

I am always looking for thrifty seasonal touches to add to my bookcases and shelves. Consider making a simple book page pumpkin out of a book from Goodwill and finish it with a little twine and twig to complete the rustic look. If you select books in different sizes, you could create a beautiful coffee table display for your home! Check out this easy step-by-step tutorial from Red Ember to create one of these (or ten!) for your own home! 

Add a Fall Touch to a Mug

It is rare that I stop in the store and can’t find a few white mugs for my DIY projects. I have transformed many a mug into a beautiful gift and I love the idea of adding a fall touch to these Goodwill treasures with a simple stencil. Since these are a rub-on transfer (versus a permanent paint transfer) consider using these as a place to tuck your toothbrushes, to fill with a treat for a teacher, or plant a little succulent to place next to a kitchen window! You can get the scoop on this easy stenciled mug over on Callaloo Soup

Add Simple Details to a Faux Pumpkin

Although I love a glitzy pumpkin, my eye is drawn to these simple Baker’s Twine pumpkins because they create such a beautiful detail with such pretty lines. If you aren’t crafty, this is the perfect DIY project for you and just requires a little wrapping of twine to complete. This project is so easy, you can enlist your kids to help you!  Check out Design Improvised to see how to create these for your own home. 

Add a Tassel Detail to a Cozy Throw

I am absolutely nuts about tassels and how they can transform anything from clutches to necklaces to pretty trims. A basic vintage throw from Goodwill can be taken up so many notches with a beautiful tassel detail. Design Sponge shows you how beautiful this detail can be in cozy neutrals for the fall season. I’m dying to replicate this project for our home, aren’t you? Get the easy tutorial over here today! 

What is your favorite upcycle project that you have done for Fall? Feel free to leave your ideas in our comments below!

6 Ways to Decorate Your Home for Fall with Goodwill

This time of year is among my favorite because I just love decorating for the Fall season and for Thanksgiving with my family. Thankfully, decorating for Fall doesn’t need to be expensive at all especially if you have a Goodwill Store. With a few inexpensive tools and some items from our favorite thrift shop, you will have all you need to start decorating your home for Fall.

Here are six fun ways to decorate your home for Fall using some commonly found items from the Goodwill Store! 

Make a Sweater Vase

Vases are readily available at Goodwill and there happen to be dozens upon dozens of sweaters just waiting to adorn those vases. Select a color scheme that goes along with your home and simply glue the sweater fabric to your inexpensive vase. Fill your vase with bare branches from your yard and you have a beautiful and cozy vase to decorate your mantle!

As someone who lacks the sewing gene, I totally love that this craft is a no-sew project! Check out Made From Pinterest for the scoop on this adorable craft.

Add a Fall Touch To Your Door

Making a wreath can be time-consuming and buying a wreath can be expensive. Why not decorate your door beautifully and simply with the top of a rake. I love this adorable rake adornment for the front door dressed simply with a little sprig of Fall branches that you could pick up from the craft shop. You could even spray paint this to match your front step decor. This would also be such a fun way to decorate a shed door! Visit Eclectically Vintage for some beautifully thrifted inspiration!

Make a Cozy Pumpkin Centerpiece

Sweater crafts are all the rage for Fall and I love the idea of creating a centerpiece of pumpkins that have been covered in cozy sweaters for the Fall season. On the StoneGable blog, you can find some fabulous instructions for creating a few cozy pumpkins of your own. I love that they chose this white color scheme for the pumpkins because these could remain out for Winter decor too! Be sure to look for sweaters with interesting cabling schemes and chose sweaters with different textures to really make your pumpkin centerpiece stand out! 

Give Branches a New Lease On Life

While bare branches can be beautiful, it can be fun to spruce them up and adorn them for the Fall season. Yarn is a commonly donated Goodwill item and this year I made my very own little Knitted Leaf centerpiece out of scrap yarns that I had. Leaves can be made out of just about anything though, consider cutting leaves from sweaters or book pages to create your own unique centerpiece and place them in a pretty vase from Goodwill.

Make a Pumpkin From Book Pages

Are you hosting a Thanksgiving dinner this year? Consider making a unique centerpiece out of a book from Goodwill. These book page pumpkins make a beautiful place setting that could later sit on a side table, ledge, or mantle after your dinner is done. Check out Upcycled Treasures for a great tutorial on how to make these for your own Thanksgiving table. Of course, regular readers know that we are BIG fans of book page crafts over here so be sure to check out our fantastic round-up of things to do with old books!

Take a Stand with Your Decorating

Cake stands are so easy to make with just a candlestick holder and a plate. Spray paint them to create a cohesive collection and place these on your buffet table or mantle. Head to the local farmer’s market or grocer to find interesting pumpkins to adorn the top of these stands. Check out this easy tutorial from Dwellings by Devore to get the scoop on how to make these for your own home!

I am wishing you the happiest of Thanksgivings this year! I hope these ideas will help you with decorating your own home for the holidays!