7 Easy Chalkboard Paint Crafts

The back-to-school season is in full swing and to honor that oh-so-wonderful time of year, I thought we could talk about fun chalkboard paint crafts today on Goodwill Tips. What could be more fun than chalkboard paint projects and what better time to tackle a project like this then when the kids return to school?

Before I begin, I must disclose that I am absolutely obsessed with chalkboard paint and chalkboard paint projects. Don’t believe me? Check out our outdoor chalkboard door, our chalkboard lunchbox station, our chalkboard pumpkin people,  our chalkboard cookie jars, even our homework stations are adorned with chalkboards. I, basically, have chalkboard paint under my nails almost every day and I have even accidentally spray painted my feet a time or two with chalkboard spray paint. Whoops! It just goes to show that the possibilities are absolutely ENDLESS with chalkboard paint and how much fun these projects are.

Today I wanted to show you all of the fun DIY chalkboard paint projects you could try in your home with items that are commonly found at your local Goodwill store. Just doing this gathering of ideas is quite dangerous for me because I am already planning my next trip out there to do these fun projects! You won’t believe how fun or how easy the projects are that we are featuring today!

Personalize a Mug

Plain white mugs can often be found at Goodwill, but I am particularly in love with this chalkboard paint mug because it can also be a great way to cover up a mug that has a company logo on it. I am madly in love with this adorable mug from Craft-Werk because it can be personalized to its recipient or even personalized just for yourself. Check out the tutorial to find out how to create & cut your silhouette for your very own “moi mug.”  (@ Craft-Werk)

Organize Your Family

‘Tis the season for getting organized so why not do it with a magnetic chalkboard calendar that can be personalized just for your family. To create this craft, head to your Goodwill to find the perfect frame in the size you need for your wall. Spray paint the frame a color to match your home and then, utilizing some cut-to-order sheet metal, create a surface to jot down all of your families activities. Visit PSA Stamp Camp to find the tutorial for this magnetic chalkboard calendar. (@ PSA Stamp Camp)

Organize a Junk Drawer

One trip down the housewares aisle and I am sure you will spot many a jar that could use a good home. Open one drawer in my home and you will quickly see that creating a chalkboard jar organization system would be a lot better than the exploding drawers that are currently residing in my office. I love this fun and easy chalkboard mason jar storage from It All Started With Paint. Have no fear if you only find yourself with jars and no lids. Lids and bands can be purchased separately at just about any superstore that sells canning supplies  (@ It All Started With Paint)

Create a Chalkboard Labeled Cabinet

Goodwill is a wonderful resource for gently-loved furniture and just about any piece could be transformed into useful and organized storage with the addition of a little chalkboard paint. I love the functionality of this beautiful  chalkboard-painted piece featured on homelife for one clear reason…it showcases the beauty of chalkboard paint in other colors. Don’t feel like you have to be limited to just the black chalkboard paint. This piece is not only eye-catching, but it also offers smart functionality for kitchen storage. (@ homelife)

Personalize Your Stemware

Anything to prevent ending up with the wrong glass at parties is a win for me and I have fallen in love with this idea to add a chalkboard stem to a wine glass from Always Order Dessert. If you head to Goodwill you will find a lot of beautiful stemware that just might not match together. Adding a chalkboard stem to each wineglass adds a little cohesiveness to a mismatched set and makes for a fun addition to your entertaining supplies. (@ Always Order Dessert)

Make Dining Fun Again

Do you have a worn table in need of a face-lift? Maybe you have spotted a table at Goodwill that could use a little personal touch to it?  Look no further than this amazing chalkboard table transformation for making dining as a family, fun again. I love the idea of adding this touch to both dining tables or to craft tables. Consider adding a thought-starter question to the table, adding the evening’s menu, or simply labeling the food that is laid out for the meal. Check out this fun table makeover from design sponge for some inspiration for your thrift store purchase (@ design sponge)

Add Food Labels to the Buffet

Is a chalkboard table too big of a commitment? No worries! Consider visiting the housewares section of the store for simple small frames instead and give them a new look with chalkboard paint. Did you know that chalkboard paint can be applied to glass? Using a little chalkboard spray paint, you can transform any frame at Goodwill into a mini chalkboard to add a label to your dishes at holiday or large gathering meals. To make mismatched frames feel part of a set, spray paint them all in one color like this cheery yellow! (@ MomAdvice)

Have you tried any chalkboard paint projects in your home? Share your success stories here!