Gearing up for the Holidays

I’m all wrapped up in the holiday spirit, aren’t you?  Even when I go out on the weekends, I am searching my closet for something with a little sparkle or shine. One of the HOT pieces this holiday season is the sequin skirt.

I had this outfit idea in my head that requires a gold sequin skirt.  Seemed when I wasn’t searching for one, I saw gold sequins EVERYWHERE.  Of course now, I can’t find one anywhere.  So I got busy looking online.  The one I found that seemed to be the right gold was well over $70.  This Mom’s budget can’t afford $70 for a skirt she’ll wear a few times!  Then I wondered, could I make one?

Again, back to the Google searching, and voila! Why didn’t I think of this weeks ago?  Of course…find the perfect fit in a skirt at Goodwill, and simply sequin it! 

Here are the quick and easy steps:

Go to Goodwill and find that perfect little skirt.  The color doesn’t matter, just make sure that the fit is exactly what you want.

Head to the craft store (or if you find something that is sequined at Goodwill, that might work too…rework what is already done?).  Choose a perfect color sequin fabric.  Make sure the sequin fabric has some stretch. Sequined fabric can be a little pricey, so before you hit the stores, look online for a coupon.  I found a 40% off coupon and used that…making my “holiday gold” MUCH less expensive!

My step 3 is a bit different than the inspiration (link below). Cut your sequined piece of fabric about1-1.5″ bigger than the “pattern skirt”.

I then used a fabric glue to seam the sides of the sequin fabric together.  I stitched the sequins at the waistband of the skirt, and only about 2″ down the sides.  This allowed the Goodwill skirt to act as a sort of slip for the sequins.


Here is a ‘how to’: