Summer Fashion Trends – baroque

Have you notices in Michiana Goodwill stores trend boards that look something like this?  We are Goodwill are dedicated to make sure you are shopping for on-trend clothing for you and your family.

Our fashion guru Kathy Friend has provided these trend boards for us each season to help you know exactly what is trendy!  In the upcoming days / weeks, we will be sharing the 4 big trends of the season with you…here and of course in all of our Goodwill stores!

Kathy’s Summer Trend Tip: 

 One of the print trends this season is baroque. Baroque is hard to explain, but easy to see!  It is almost a damask, paisley, curley-q print.  

We are seeing this print in EVERYTHING from the smallest of details (like the sunglasses) to a very bold statement (like on the dress).  

The key to wearing this print in an outfit is to be mindful of where that print is.  Make sure that the bold contrast in color brings attention to an appropriate place on your silhouette.  Also, make sure that the weight of the print is in line with your stature.  In other words, if you are a petite lady, be sure the print you wear doesn’t overwhelm your look.