The 10 Days of Goodwill Challenge

I can’t tell you how many times I am asked if I REALLY shop at Goodwill.  The answer is always “Of Course I do!”.  I love when I am at a meeting and someone compliments me on something I am wearing, and I get to boast that I found it at Goodwill.

To prove my point…that I do shop and wear things from Goodwill…every year I institute a ’10 Days of Goodwill Challenge”.  So…are you ready?  Here we go!

 This is a cute little number I wore to the Fashion Days event at the Goodwill in Goshen.  I paired it with a nude colored crazy sassy stiletto.

Love this dress.  Banana Republic. Perfect for summer.  I put some of my style on the look by adding a brown leather braided belt and turquoise beads. I am LOVING this bright pink color with Turq accessories this season. Then I finished the look with a leather Kate Spade shoulder bag.

 Tunics, leggings and boots…all are a few of my favorite things.  I love this tunic. I think it could also be worn as a dress with flip flops in the summer. I had the boots, leggings and sweater…but those pieces would be DULLSVILLE without this great tunic!

 Wore this to speak at a ladies group at a country club.  I wanted to ‘dress the part’ for the country club (and I resisted wearing plaid golf shorts). Banana Republic white trousers and that beautiful 3/4 sleeve bright blue jacket. I played up the gold buttons on the jacket with gold accessories. 

 And what is Goodwill good for if not to pick up some great handbags?  This LV Inspired cutie I used for a night out on the town.  It is the perfect size to hold my money, ID, cell and of course…a few lipsticks!

Then I decided I needed a new wallet. Ideally I wanted something that was water proof for the lake and the beach this summer.  Well, whadda know!  Found it at Goodwill!

 Skirt and tank from Goodwill!  Love these pieces, I wear this Gap pull-on skirt a TON.  As a matter of fact, I’m wearing it now!

If you went to the Little Black Dress luncheon, then you saw me in this…and yes, it’s my new fav color combo (turquoise and bright pink).  

 This was for a working day at Goodwill.  Cute Ann Taylor flippy skirt and a black tee.  What could be better?

So I am in this “work out” phase.  Well, not as much work out as I need to get off my lazy butt and move around a little.  I don’t want to spend a lot of money on workout wear, but of course I am convinced that if I look the part, I will be in top physical shape. Basic black tank and Nike cropped workout (yoga) pants.

And for the Go Red luncheon for the American Heart Association, I had to wear red.  I emceed the Fashion Show for the event – so dressing the part was critical.  Finding a good red dress is hard!  And…guess where I found this one?  Yep – GOODWILL!