Pinterest – great for Goodwill repurposing ideas!

Have you heard of Pinterest? According to the website:

What is Pinterest? Pinterest is a Virtual Pinboard. Pinterest lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web.

It is addicting.

As I was poking around on the site the other day, I found this:

Some GREAT ideas on snazzing up Goodwill finds for the holidays! Check this out:

Glitter holiday shoes!

I am in love with this shirt, and desperately searching for someone who can sew to help me recreate this look for the holidays. Picture it with an oversized chunky fishermans sweater, sweater knit tights and boots. SO CUTE!

And finally – don’t you LOVE LOVE this? A t-shirt quilt! What a great gift idea!

Thanks GoodwillIndy for posting such GREAT things on Pinterest!

One thought on “Pinterest – great for Goodwill repurposing ideas!

  1. I was looking for new decorating ideas when I came across this site. I started reading about your vision. I must make a comment. My son has disabilities and has went through your training program two times, while also working in the back hanging cloths after his classes. He is very high functioning and loves to work. They promised him a position after the program ended. However, when the time came they said they did not have a position for him. Yet they hired someone else to take his place! He did this 2 times! So when I see Goodwill advertisements it makes my blood boil! They say they help the disabled, but they FAILED my son. Like I said, he is high functioning and is a very good and hard worker. So whats the problem?

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