Best day to head to Goodwill

 There are optimal days to head to your local Goodwill stores to get great deals.
Many times, 50% sales are announced on the NEWS AND EVENT page of the Goodwill website. Another great place to check, is the Goodwill Facebook page.
Here are some other thoughts on WHEN to head to a Thrift Shop
  • Sale days – ask for their regular sale schedule. A $4 pair of shoes is cheap, but when they’re $2 – even better!
  • Stocking days – ask if they exist
  • Late spring – after college gets out
  • After garage sales – if there is a big neighborhood garage sale that ends on Saturday at 4, head over to the Goodwill in that neighborhood the next morning! 
  • During the week – Monday – lots of donations from weekend cleaning and sales
  • Often! If you don’t find anything one week, try again in a few weeks. A stores’ inventory changes constantly, so you might strike gold one week, and come up with nothing the next. Make thrift store shopping part of your regular home management routine.