Beautiful Ideas for Outdoor Entertaining With Goodwill

I love entertaining outdoors in the summertime and today I wanted to share with you some fun and frugal ways you can entertain utilizing items found at your local Goodwill store. Outdoor entertaining does not need to be expensive and many of the items found at Goodwill can be repurposed into great items to have on hand for outdoor meals and entertainment for your guests.

Here are just a few beautiful summertime ideas I have gathered to help you  make the most of your outdoor space with Goodwill! 

Update a Serving Tray With Washi Tape

One of the best arsenals in my tools for entertaining outdoors is utilizing serving trays for displaying food and bringing and taking dishes to and from our kitchen in the summer months. If you find a tray that is lacking that sparkle you want or you want to easily coordinate a tray with your dishes, consider giving it a beautiful update with a little washi tape.

Design Improvised offers this sweet and simple tutorial for creating a beautiful display for your outdoor table. The best part? This DIY isn’t permanent so you can change it with your mood or tablescape.

Add Mason Jar Twinkle Lights to Your Patio

Outdoor lighting can be tricky and expensive, but it doesn’t cost a lot to set the mood for your next outdoor gathering thanks to these beautiful twinkle lights in mason jars.

The Tinyprints blog shows you how to make these beautiful outdoor lights with just ribbon, tulle, mason jars (which you find at Goodwill!), and some battery-operated lighting. What a treat for the eyes this would be!

Host an Outdoor Movie Night 

Outdoor movie nights are so much fun and we have been among the privileged to enjoy beautiful summertime evenings at a friend’s monthly gathering in the summer at her house. There is something so nostalgic about an outdoor movie with your family and friends so I was thrilled to happen upon this beautiful diy outdoor movie set-up that actually IS budget-friendly.

June Bug Photography shows you how they created this incredible set-up on a small budget that is sure to be the talk of the neighborhood for your next cookout!

Dress Up Your Patio

Patio decorating doesn’t need to cost a lot and Goodwill receives many furniture donations that you could potentially use for your outdoor space. Don’t just think of these items as one piece, but consider the parts of the furniture items for your project. A pair of legs from one piece and a drawer from another, for example, can be painted into a brightly colored plant display that you could fill with colorful flowers or could be used as a herb garden on your patio.
An Aiming High Wife shows you how she created this beautiful plant display and she gives you some smart advice for weatherproofing this piece! 

Keep the Bugs Away 

Bugs can be problematic when dining outside so it is always nice to have coverings and solutions for keeping them away.  Earnest Home Co. shows you an elegant way to keep your food covered with just simple terra cotta pots and a little rope for a handle.

Since my son just did a science project utilizing a pot, we can scientifically say that this is not only a great way to keep food covered, but it also a great way to keep your food insulated (warm or cold) while dining outside.

Of course, keeping the bugs away from YOU is also a good idea especially when you have guests! Consider visiting Goodwill for a slow cooker and utilize this fun tutorial I put together for making your very own DIY Citronella Candles in your slow cooker for your own outdoor entertaining or use the gift tag I have created (Thanks for letting us BUG you!) to attach for an adorable hostess gift for summer.

I hope these ideas inspire you this year! Let me know what your proudest DIY moments are when it comes to outdoor entertaining in the comments below!