7 New DIY Halloween Costumes

Halloween is just around the corner and today I wanted to showcase even more DIY Halloween Costume Ideas that you can create using commonly found items at your Goodwill Store. Last year I compiled a really great list of Easy DIY Halloween Costumes that were truly a hit with our readers. Luckily, I was able to find seven more DIY Halloween costumes that I think would be easy to pull off and oh-so-affordable thanks to Goodwill.

DIY Minion Costumes

One of the biggest movies this summer was Despicable Me 2. Often costumes from our favorite movie characters are expensive, but I found this easy DIY Minion Costume on Love This Pic that would be perfect for your own little minion. The best part is that you only need to find a yellow hat from Goodwill and the other supplies are commonly found in your home (pipe cleaners, toilet paper roll, scissors, stapler, and a little spray paint). This costume wins for both ease of creation and for being wallet-friendly too!

Rosie the Riveter

What could be more recognizable than the, “We Can Do It?” campaign. I love this costume because you can create the headpiece with a simple red t-shirt from Goodwill that you decorate with a little paint. The rest of the outfit can most likely be pieced together with items you already have in your closet and with a simple flex of your muscle, you are ready to go! Check out Crafted in Carhartt for several great DIY ideas including the Rosie the Riveter costume. 

Holly Golightly Costume

One of my favorite movies of all-time is, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” I love this Holly Golightly costume that you could piece together with items you found at your store along with items you probably have tucked away in your closet. With a simple little black dress, some costume jewelry, a pair of sunglasses, and and some black gloves you have the makings for a perfectly classy Halloween costume. This is a great costume for yourself or for an adorable little girly-girl in your life! 

Sun-Maid Raisin Girl

I am sure it comes as no surprise that I am a huge fan of good old-fashioned costumes and this Sun-Maid Raisin Girl costume is about as cute as they come! Add a little ric rac to a white Goodwill t-shirt and pick up a basket from the Housewares department.  Fill it with real (or fake) raisins for the big night and hit your local Halloween party supply store for a bonnet. Head on over to wip to get the scoop on this great costume idea full of Goodwill potential! 

 Mona Lisa

You don’t have to have spend a lot to pull off a great costume and that is why I absolutely love this Mona Lisa costume for its simplicity and ease in creation. Head to Goodwill to get a frame and then use the printable that is provided in the MAKE instructions to create the background. Dress your child up in a a dress and they will be ready to wow everyone with this costume that is truly a work of art!


Boy costumes can be tough around here and this DIY Lumberjack costume is one of my new favorite boy costumes. Head to your Goodwill store to grab a knitted hat and flannel shirt and whip up one of these cute little felt beards to go with the costume. Bonus points should be given if you have time to make an ax out of cardboard! Visit The Gold Jellybean for this awesome costume tutorial! 

LEGO Indiana Jones Costume

My son is LEGO obsessed and that is why I love this fun LEGO Indiana Jones costume for Halloween. Although creating the LEGO head is a bit of work,  what little boy wouldn’t love creating this with you or their Dad? Pair this costume with a pair of brown pants and shirt from your Goodwill store! 

I hope these ideas inspire you this year! Here is a flashback costume that I created for myself two years ago! Yes, even I love to dress up for the season!  

Happy Halloween, everyone! 

Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

It’s only a couple of short weeks until Halloween, but if you haven’t found a costume yet, have no fear! Today I want to showcase eight easy DIY Halloween Costumes you can create using items found at Goodwill. This list of easy DIY Halloween Costumes will hopefully help you gather some great ideas for throwing together a great last minute costume and save you money in the process, thanks to Goodwill!

Baby Aerobics Instructor Costume

Holy cuteness! This easy baby aerobics instructer outfit looks like an easy DIY to put together and I promise, it will be a memorable costume. Create a baby headband from a goodwill t-shirt, cut the bottoms off of a pair of socks to create baby leggings, and use your baby’s onsie and leggings to complete the look. This mom created an adorable boombox out of felt to complete the look.  (via Homemade By Jill)

Book Fairy Costume 

A couple of hardback books from Goodwill can create a unique and adorable book fairy costume. Using a hot glue gun, book pages, and the covers of the books to create your fairy wings you can create an entire costume from simply rolling paper for an adorable skirt! You will love this one (via Lilliedale)

Paper Doll Costume

Short on funds for Halloween costumes this year? This paper doll costume can be created using the free template provided, poster board, and a little foam core. Add your daughter’s laciest socks and a pair of Mary Jane shoes from Goodwill and you have a real-life paper doll to trick-or-treat with. What little girl wouldn’t love that?  (via Family Fun)

Mary Poppins & Bert Couple Costume

Couple costumes can be challenging, but with few things from your closet and a little help from Goodwill, it can be easy to create your look for less. My husband & I created this costume for less than $20 and absolutely had a blast putting it together. (via MomAdvice)

Homemade Redbox Costume

I had to laugh at this adorable Redbox costume that this family created! The Redbox costume was created using spray paint, a box, and snagging some of the Redbox images from Google. I absolutely love this idea and it cost the family less than $5 to create. The best part is that the whole family can jump in on the creating (Coolest Homemade Costumes)

Baby Cabbage Patch Doll

Looking for a costume that can work around pushing your baby in a stroller? This Cabbage Patch Doll costume is simply genius and wouldn’t cost a lot to create. Head to Goodwill to grab a green fitted sheet to cover your stroller, create the Cabbage Patch box, and then cover your baby in yarn pigtails. (Via Costume Works)

Will Work 4 Candy Costume

The best part about the, “Will Work 4 Candy Costume,” is that you need not buy any supplies at all to create this look. Paint a beard on your child’s face, dress them in their most tired looking play clothes, mismatch their shoes,  and add a cardboard sign from your recycle bin. (via Coolest Homemade Costumes)

Child’s Superman Costume

Leading a double life can be tough, but it doesn’t need to be expensive. Head to Goodwill to pick up a tie, shirt, and heavy glasses for Clark Kent, and dress him in a Superman shirt underneath. This costume is adorable and affordable! (Via Think Geek)

What is the best DIY Halloween costume you have created? Feel free to share your links and ideas below!