7 Ways to Upcycle a Coat Into Something You Really Love

With the fall temperatures upon us, it is time to start thinking about an extra outer layer to help keep us warm for these cooler Midwest temperatures. Jackets can be an expensive investment and finding one that is the perfect cut and style can sometimes be difficult especially with everyone’s unique sizing and build. Today’s tutorial offers some fun ideas for refashioning a Goodwill jacket into something you really love.
As a disclaimer, I am a sewing school drop-out and actually take everything I need altered to a seamstress because I flunked sewing school. That being said, one thing I can attest to is having someone alter items for you is the most worthwhile investment so that you always look and feel your best. As I am in the midst of a capsule wardrobe project for the fall, many of these pieces have been altered so that I always feel my best even with a smaller & more minimalist wardrobe. Alterations, whether done yourself or by a professional, are the wisest investment when you really love something. 
We are providing the after pictures to these projects so please click on the links to get the full scoop on the before and tutorials for each of these alterations.

Add Ruffles & Details

If the cut of a coat is good in the shoulder area, but the length is not, consider cutting off some length on your coat. You can then use that excess fabric for feminine details that add femininity to a more masculine piece. One of my favorite blogging friends, Tatertots & Jello, shows off a coat that she added a ruffled edge too and a fur trim on the end of her coat to create a coat that any girl would be proud to wear. She offers 14 ideas for refashioning a coat that can help you while navigating the Goodwill coat selection. 

Transform a Leather Jacket Into a Purse

Buying leather for your craft projects might be out of your budget, but buying a thrift store coat and then using the materials from it to create something truly unique might not be. I love this beautiful leather bag made from an old leather coat from Luz Patterns. This showcases not only the beauty of making something yourself, but it also showcases the way a commonly found item can be made into something you really love.
Consider a leather coat as a plethora of craft possibilities whether it is using a wood burning tool to burn initials in the material to make tags for handmade gifts, being cut and sewn into an iPad cover, or simply adding leather details to a belt or headband. The possibilities with a leather jacket, no matter what the size or style, are endless. 

Turn a Suit Set Into a Long Jacket

If you are looking for the perfect jacket that feels more like a blazer than a heavy coat, then consider piecing together two matching suit pieces to create a beautiful Edwardian coat. It is simply genius to think of these two separate pieces as something that could be made into a long coat, but Of Dreams and Seams saw hidden potential in this suit and made it into something she truly loves. 
This looks like something I would shell hundreds of dollars out at Anthropologie and I particularly love that this suit started out handmade and was altered and appreciated for many more years. 

Refashion a Hoodie Into a Peacoat Jacket

The peacoat will never go out of style, but I can’t say that I am mad for hoodie sweatshirts. Perhaps you went through a hooded sweatshirt phase and are looking to whittle down your collection or you spy one at Goodwill that is the perfect shade, but you would love to look a little more polished? 
This hoodie turned peacoat tutorial from Sisters,What! is such a great example of how you can refashion even the most basic piece into a cozy coat for fall by simply removing the zipper, adding a flap of fabric, and adding some buttons. How cute is that?

Make a Mixed Media Jacket From Two Coats

This year the fashion world is mad about leather and even I, a very basic suburban mother, bought herself a moto jacket to wear this year.  In this tutorial from dream create, she was inspired by a very pricey Burberry Mixed Media Trench Jacket and decided to make a DIY trench jacket from two inexpensive jackets
I love the idea that if you love the sleeves from one piece that you could attach them to another jacket to add texture and detail to a basic piece. 

Add a Feminine Ruffle

The before photos on this piece from Charity Shop Chic is jaw-dropping. She takes a piece of clothing that is stained and many, many sizes too big and uses the extra material to create a belt, feminine sleeves, and a ruffled bottom that was inspired by Kate Middleton. 
While this Feminine Trench Coat is definitely something to be created by an advanced sewer, any crafter can appreciate the beauty in these feminine details and can be inspired that even the saddest and most ill-fitting pieces can be made into something of beauty when put in the right hands. 

Turn a Sleeve Into a Clutch

You can never have too many clutches and this beautiful clutch is made from a simple coat-sleeve. Over on Craftaholics Anonymous you can get the scoop on how they transformed a suit jacket sleeve into a beautiful clutch that you can carry your essentials in for a night out on the town. 
Look for a sleeve that has beautiful button details or is made from a great fabric or pattern that will go well with other items in your wardrobe to really make the most of this DIY project.
With the holidays creeping upon us, it would also make a fantastic gift for a girlfriend, sister, mother, or grandmother.

What are some things you have done with coats from Goodwill? Feel free to share your stories here!