Employment Success!

Meet our Employee of the Month: David

David has been climbing the ladder to success and continues to evaluate himself as he re-directs himself from poor choices made in the past.

David was in the Work Experience Program through Goodwill Industries of Michiana.  When he began the program, he wanted to give up.  After turning 18, he started to utilize the skills he learned from Goodwill.  These skills translated into giving David confidence in interviews and offered a variety of opportunities for full-time employment.

We are proud to say David has been employed for over 90-days at Hoosier Tank & Manufacturing, Inc. His new job has taught him the welding trade and how to operate heavy machinery.

David’s new goals are much different than they were before he was a part of the Goodwill program. Currently he wants to reach out to troubled youth and motivate them to make good choices.  He believes his story will serve as an example of what not to do, and he hopes he can lead them in the right direction.

Goodwill Success Story – Patricia

In August 2013, Patricia was at a job fair at the Career Center when she first heard about the Beyond Jobs program.  Funded by a grant from the Walmart Foundation, Beyond Jobs helps women find and keep good paying jobs. This is accomplished through individualized career and financial planning services. Among the tools provided are:

  • Career assessment and planning
  • Ongoing financial education
  • Family strengthening services
  • Early education and child care assistance
  • Connections to healthy food and nutrition initiatives

When Patricia entered the program, she was motivated to improve herself and get a job.  She was employed for many years, however following the closing of that organization, she found herself in a position she never thought she would be in… seeking a job.  Because of her longstanding employment history, she didn’t know where to start.  She was overwhelmed. 
This motivation propelled her to be very active in the program. Classes were a welcomed activity for Patricia. They gave her hope and some insight into what she needed to do to become employed again. Through the Beyond Jobs Program, she was one of the first participants in the “makeover” event.  She purchased a new interview outfit from Goodwill and had her hair completely re-styled.  Her new look gave Patricia the self-confidence she had been lacking in her job search. 
Patricia developed a portfolio to use in interviews showing examples of her past work and expertise.  She gained interim experience at Goodwill. She wowed the staff and was offered a full time position.
If you’ve had a catered meal from Goodwill chances are you’ve been able to get a taste of Patricia’s talents.  Her homemade cookies and banana nut bread have become famous! 
Patricia’s successes are both in her professional and personal life.  The kindness she shows to others is the hallmark of her true character. She is a great example of a Goodwill Success Story! 

Congratulations Patricia! All of your hard work and determination have paid off!  
We are so proud of you!