Too many clothes and nothing to wear?

I hear ya…I look in my over-stuffed closet and think to myself “there is nothing here I want to wear”. That overwhelming feeling can send us straight to the store…to buy more of the same stuff our closet is already stuffed with.

Does this cycle sound familiar?

The easiest way to start to break this cycle is to simply clean out your closet. In the Sherina Style Makeover post, I promised to share some tips on how to get control of your wardrobe. What SHOULD you have in your wardrobe? What do you have too much of? How do you start to pair down all the clutter?  Use this #infographic to eliminate #wardrobestress!

Of course, with all of those pre-loved things you removed from your closet, I have a great idea what to do with that pile!  Put those clothes to good use – use them to provide employment – let the funds raised from the sale of those things help to provide programs that make our community a better place. Yes – what I am saying, is #donate those items to #Goodwill!  You can take your donations to a Donation Drive-thru at any of their Retail Store locations.

Got questions? Find me on Facebook – and I’d love to see your closet clean up before and after photos!

Goodwill’s Fashion Guru,