Fall/Winter Trends – Global Details

I am in love with Global Details in fashion (home fashion and wardrobe fashion) this season. The thing I love the most is the eclectic and vintage feel those details bring…and what better place to get great vintage finds than Goodwill!

Global Details simply means, well, DETAILS!  Tapestry, colorful woven designs, heavy knitting.

When you are wearing a piece with these kinds of details, be sure to make THAT piece the statement of your outfit and keep everything else very monochromatic and simple.

Be sure to keep this trend within your style personality. If your style is natural (in other words, you like natural fabrics, love the comfort and ease of jeans and t-shirts.  Your shoe choice would be Crocs or maybe a Toms)…then choose your Global Detailed piece carefully.  Keep this trend in your accessories (scarf, hat).

If your style is more sassy (people ask you how you came up with outfit combinations, you aspire to be the local Carrie Bradshaw) then go wild in this trend!  This style will easily pair a fair aisle sweater with a tulle skirt and cowboy boots.

And if your style is tailored and polished (you love a trouser and sweater set, you prefer to not make a statement with your clothes, you know what looks good on you and what flatters your silhouette and you stick to it) then a great tailored piece is best for you.  You are most comfortable in cuts of clothing that are generally the same.  Stepping out of your style-box-comfort-zone and adding a pencil skirt with a subtle tapestry would be perfect for you.  Even a jacket will add some pizazz into your wardrobe, and mix very well with the other pieces in your closet. 

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