School – Fall Fashion Trends SHOES

Granny boots

CONFESSION: I loved my 80’s granny boots and wore them with everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING!  I am very happy they are back!
LOVE IT:Get a few pair with varying hardware.  Maybe a black pair with strong military details and a chunky heel…then add a brown pair with a slim heel, more feminine. 
CAN’T DECIDE: all of the discount shoe stores will have a variety of this style in the Fall.  Try 

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Boat shoes

When I say Sperry Topsider, what do you think?  I remember a time in the 80’s I fondly remember as the ‘gator bowl’.  No, not a football event, but rather a ‘preppy’ contest between me and a few girlfriends.  Boat shoes were key to this middle-school event. Boat shoes of all colors!
LOVE IT:There are some of the cutest boat shoes I’ve seen out at the stores this season. Everything from a dressy metallic to a sporty tartan. Be sure to pick up a pair in your teams colors! 
CAN’T DECIDE: this trend is one that you can be safe in trying.  I promise it’ll work well for you!  Especially at those times a tennis shoe is appropriate, but you just aren’t in the mood for an athletic shoe. 

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