TREND WATCH – Tangerine! Wear Spring 2012 in style!

This season, the IT color is tangerine (a fancy name for bright orange). This bold hue is such a fun color to add to your wardrobe!

There are 2 ways to wear this color successfully. The first way, is to make the tangerine piece of clothing the focal point in your attire. In other words, if you choose to wear a tangerine jean or sweater, then the other pieces should be more subdues and understated.

The other way to wear a bright is to make that the accent of your outfit. So bring in some tangerine with accessories: jewelry, handbag, shoes. Or, get a grosgrain ribbon in this bright hue and use it as a belt with your jeans and simple tee!

Stay tuned over the coming days for more TREND WATCH reports!