What To Do with Old Jeans

I hope my previous post inspired you to NEVER EVER wear Mom-jeans again!  
Remember, I said don’t WEAR them...not don’t purchase them from Goodwill and turn something frumpy into something fabulous!  
Meet Liz.  You might recognize her from her debut on the runway as one of our models from the Little Black Dress Fashion show in April (2010 and 2011).  She loves finding old denim at Goodwill.  The older the better…the more material (in other words, the horrible high waisted kind she LOVES!).  Look at all these great things she has made out of old jeans she has found at our local Goodwill stores!  Now THAT is some serious crafting talent! AMAZING! Check out her creations up close:





Here are some other ideas:

  • Kim said, “I’m searching for great old jeans to make a quilt someday”
  • Leah said, “I love finding old jeans that are about 2-3 sizes too big.  I make them into skirts.  Take the waist, stitch together the legs, cut short and leave the hem frayed…super cute!” 
  • Kris said, “I am locker hooking wit them”
  • Joan said, “My mother quilts with them.”
 There are some great blogs out there with other fund ideas.  Check these out!

What creative ideas do you have in the effort to re-purpose things from Goodwill?  We’d love to hear about them!

p.s. Thanks Liz for allowing us to use some of your photos!