Spring Trends

I love Spring and Summer.  Honestly – I just took out all of the winter clothes out of my closet to make room for the Spring Summer things, and I have a TON more Spring Summer than I do Winter!  Guess it is time to weed through it all, make a donation to Goodwill and look for some new trends to add to my wardrobe!

Let me walk you through some of the big trends for the season:

Honeysuckle is THE color of the season.  It is a bright pink…but not shocking neon pink. I love this color.  Start looking for it!  You are going to see it EVERYWHERE!  Little dashes of this pink mixed in with your neutral palate will add that little something extra that will take your outfit from drab to fab!

The neutrals this season range from a mocha chocolate to grey.  Grey is still a very important color in fashion this season…if you are looking to add one thing, consider a grey jean!

Many colors of the season are more subdued with bright pops of color that will really make a bold statement in this season’s outfits.  Wearing all neutral (all white and khaki, for example) is a trend that you will want to jump on board with once the temps stay above 70!

Citrus hues are still around with a bright splash of orange (tangerine) – mix this color with the season’s hot color (Honeysuckle) with a white jean – hot!

Ocean hues of blue and green are something everyone can wear.  The blues range from turquoise to a royal / purple blue.

Mixing alike tones of the same color is also very popular this season.  This is a new take on a monochromatic wardrobe.  So many of us love LOVE to wear all black – for those black-only gals, i would like to challenge you  to try wearing an outfit of all blue…different shades of the same tone of blue.  You will love it!

This trend has a distinct masculine feel to it.  The strong lines and very structured nature of the “military” look should be balanced with something feminine.  Likewise, don’t pair your favorite military jacket with a pair of camp crop pants.  That is simply too much military!  People might stop you on the street and ask if you have enlisted rather than to stop you and compliment you on your outfit!  

We are seeing this influence everywhere from color to embellishment and style.  The khaki-green color we are seeing is attributed to the military trend.  To add a little of this trend into your wardrobe, look for chunky metals in your jewelry, or for button detail on shirts / jacket, especially epaulettes.  

LADY LIKE:This trend has the opposite feeling from the Military one.  This trend is all about being a girl: heavy lace, eyelet, bows and floral patterns.  Skirts have made a resurgence into popularity with many designers introducing great a-line styles that everyone can wear.

I found a TON of on-trend pieces recently when I went shopping through some of our area Goodwill stores.  Honestly, I felt a little guilty that I got so many on-trend great pieces at such an AMAZING price!

Stripes and anything with a Nautical feel are big this season, and I believe this nautical feel comes from the inspiration of the Military feel.  Anyone can wear stripes…if you feel it is too much, then tone it down by wearing a striped tee under a cardigan.

Check out the newest Goodwill store in St. John, IN.  I’ll be there in June with a Kids Fashion Show!  Want to know more?  Stay tuned!

from http://www.fashiontrendsetter.com