Little Black Dress Fashion Show – behind the scenes

We’ve been hard at work for months!  Yes, MONTHS!  Pulling together amazing outfits, finding the perfect items for the Boutique…well, it all takes time!  See what we’ve been up to:

OOO LaLa!  So cute…anyone have a formal event coming up?  This is the season’s IT color…Get it now, well, get it at the Little Black Dress Fashion Show Boutique!

 Some of the looks event fashion expert, Kathy Friend, has pulled together!  These models are going to look AMAZING!

Our resident fashion guru is really talented…at SHOPPING!  Her goods on this Goodwill shopping trip were so much that they didn’t fit into Goodwill bags, she needed boxes!

Yes, Little Black Dress Fashion Show preparations have begun…look at all the goodies!  All hand picked by our fashion expert, Kathy Friend. 

The event is called ‘The LITTLE BLACK DRESS Fashion Show‘, isn’t it?