The Perfect Valentine’s Day Look

by Kathy Friend

When it comes to finding the perfect outfit for Valentine’s Day, I always seem to be stuck somewhere between what I want to wear, and what I should wear.

Because of the weather here in Northern Indiana, Valentine’s Day usually means frigid temps. However, Valentine’s Day evokes ideas of frilly dresses.

Here are some ideas of what to wear…to stay warm and to look super fashionable at the same time!

Here is an idea of what to wear if you and your sweetie have decided to do something casual…

  • This look features a basic trouser cut jean (which is flattering on EVERYONE!).

  • We’ve pulled together some romantic pieces that feature feminine details like bows, ruffles and lace.

  • Here, we simply paired a ruffle front white tee (this tee is sleeveless) with a bright red rouched sweater.
  • The necklace would be super easy to make, simply take a simple chain – double it and add a black ribbon. EASY!
  • The look is grounded with a super sassy shoe-boot with a bow detail

Got big plans at a fancy restaurant? Here is an idea how to be appropirate for the venue, but still warm!

  • Here, we took a strapless ruffly dress (might be an old prom dress?) and found a great red cashmere cardigan to pull over the top.
  • With some ribbon and a simple chain, we were able to create a neat necklace for this look.
  • Because it seems to snow 3-5″ every day here, boots were a MUST! These are a great simple black heeled boot that will be perfect with the outfit, weather and dancing!
  • Finally, the little ribbon belt. These are easy to find at retail stores, but don’t discount your own creative abilities! Look for a chain belt or skinny leather belt at a Goodwill Retail Store, add some wide ribbon and make your own!

Hope these looks spur on some ideas for you. I wish you the best, most fashionable Valentine’s Day!

In fashion and friendship,


Kathy Friend is a wardrobe coach and fashion stylist. For over 15 years, she has consulted with thousands of men and women all over the world to help improve their self esteem through image. She is the Fashion Editor of The Family Magazine and regularly provides information on the WSBT Morning Show as a Fashion Expert. Kathy provides fashion advice regularly through FASHION DAY events at Goodwill stores in Northern Indiana. For information on upcoming Goodwill events, please visit the Goodwill Website.